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Thread: PwnTunes

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    Go PwnTunes!

    Seriously, gogogo. This kind of thing has been lacking for far too long.

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    Go PwnTunes!

    Want to try this!

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    Go PwnTunes!

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    Go PwnTunes! Whooot!


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    Default Surpeb Job !!
    Go PwnTunes Go !!

    You Rock !!


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    "Go PwnTunes!"

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    GO PWNTUNES!!!! it works and i have tested it on my 360 and ps3 and does NOT show up!

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    Go PwnTunes! I need this in my life and on my jail broken I phone!

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    Go PwnTunes!

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    Default Go PwnTunes!
    Go PwnTunes!

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    Go PwnTunes, hook it up fat.

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    Go PwnTunes!
    Thanks! Awesome article. Keep it up.

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    "Go PwnTunes!"
    If I've helped you or even just made you laugh, hit Thanks. Every time you do, an iPhone gets jailbroken. FREE THE iPHONES!!!

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    Go PwnTunes!

    hope to WIN

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    Go PwnTunes!
    What a great app.. just leave it to Spirit of Logic lol.

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    Hey guys; thought I would give you guys an update who don't yet have the app.

    1. As of right now, it is being read as a "camera" on xbox 360, causing it to not be read. If you have windows XP, you will have to SHSH into your device to get the fix (Applications/Pwntunes, you should know how to find that on your device) and run it once, reboot your computer, and run it a second time with your iPod connected.

    2. Maybe it's only on my XP, but after installing pwntunes I get a "accessory not supported for charging" when using any cord at all connected to my iPod. This will probably be fixed soon.

    I did however, SSH into the downloads folder and it did indeed put it into the native music player on the iPod, so the functions of it work great, just some OS compatibility issues. I'm gonna try to integrate this with Mewseek soon and see how good I can get those two working with eachother.

    Quote Originally Posted by tekno1234 View Post
    GO PWNTUNES!!!! it works and i have tested it on my 360 and ps3 and does NOT show up!
    Look in "Photos" on the 360, it will detect the iPod but not read anything on it. Hopefully something will be found to allow it to be read.
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    lol i hope they crack this soon xP jokes ill pay for it, this was stopping me from buying an iphone for ages but i did anyway now my life is complete

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