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Thread: AT&T Ramping Up Download Speeds

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    Default AT&T Ramping Up Download Speeds

    In case you missed it this week, AT&T made both an announcement and a pledge. Official word from the carrier stated that its high-speed HSPA+ data network upgrade will deliver a sorely needed boost to download speeds by the end of this year. According to AT&T, 14.4Mbps download speeds should be available to nearly 250 million Americans as we usher in 2011.

    In addition, AT&T's current 3G network will enjoy a flurry of improvements, like doubling the network's current speeds. To be sure, this report about the effects of AT&T's upgrade is far from a rumor. AT&T Operations CEO John Stankey laid out all the gory details at a Reuters function this week, although it's safe to say that some of the bold claims could ultimately prove to have been somewhat exaggerated.

    Many industry analysts and educated observers say that a more realistic average download speed should crank in at between 7.2Mbps and 14.4Mbps following the upgrade that will blanket most of the United States. The upgrade has been "forthcoming" ever since Apple revealed the iPhone 3GS last year. Despite what seems to have been an eternity since AT&T promised the upgraded high-speed 3G network, the carrier claims to actually be "ahead of schedule" with its targeted goals for the remainder of 2010.

    Hopefully, AT&T's 4G data network scheduled for a 2011 roll out will also be "ahead of schedule."
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    Take that Verizon!!!!
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    Verizon and they big stoneage 3G coverage! They Suck!!!

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    Now they should work on expanding their 3G coverage area for those of us who don't live in a major city

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    I'll believe it when I see it... Remember, this is Att...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirtess View Post
    I'll believe it when I see it... Remember, this is Att...
    Yeah we will see if this all happens

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    how about just better in building coverage.

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    Att already has much better 3G speeds than verizon! What they need is to expand coverage. Then we'll take them down

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    Maybe instead of unnecessarily increasing the speed of their network, AT&T could work on actually COVERING the 9.2 million people that aren't covered by AT&T, and therefore can't enjoy the iPhone. (Such as myself.)
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    ATT, you are idiots, if you would expand your damn coverage maybe towers wouldnt be so stressed i dont have signal much less 3g hell, i have seen the g come on my iphone before

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    Maybe AT&T sponsored tethering is "coming soon" too!

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    This strategy is obvious; since Apple isn't probably putting an iPhone out for Verizon (as much as we'd like it), they send AT&T a letter saying to start "upgrading the network." Instead of upgrading the iPhone to 4G or Verizon, Apple only has to pull the same "increased speed of the network" crap like last June with the iPhone 3G[s]. Just watch Steve announce a "new chipset that supports faster speeds" instead of a 4G iPhone. They've done it before, and they'll do it again.

    History does repeat itself;
    from whatever speed it was to 7.2 mbps last year
    from 7.2 mbps to 14.4 is next

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    lol does this mean i will actually finally get 3g in my area or will it just be improved speed for people who already have 3g

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    verizon sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
    lol does this mean i will actually finally get 3g in my area or will it just be improved speed for people who already have 3g


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    Coverage is shameful. Newnan, GA, is considered metro-Atlanta and yet they only have 3G near the Interstate. Here in San Diego I can drive hours away and still have 3G coverage despite mountainous terrain and lots of wilderness. AT&T, FIX YOUR COVERAGE FIRST!

    Also, is this supposed to help current iPhone 3GS owners? I see no mention of it requiring new hardware or not, though I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be a selling point for the non-4G (AKA non-LTE) 4th-gen iPhone. Will this increase the capacity of their current towers due to load balancing (more bandwidth between towers to share Internet trunks)? AFAIK, they always used higher-speed line-of-sight communications for that, like microwave, but I could be wrong.

    How does 14.4Mbps 3G compare to the performance we should expect when LTE rolls out?

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    I guess I'll have to come to the defense of Verizon:

    At least we can actually connect to our network. Oh snap! Fast speeds don't mean much where there's no coverage.

    How fast is Verizon's downloads by comparison?

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    I was in San Fran last week. I never understood the complaints about ATT until then. I had full bars in 3G and it would drop calls, not connect, not send text messages for hours... Yikes.

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    This will be good i hope they give some upload speeds with that as well at least 1mb if not a lot

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