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Thread: AT&T Ramping Up Download Speeds

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    You can wait for this and complain or whatever, or go to sprint and wait for the HTC EVO 4G which will be available on Sprintís 4G network starting 4th of June, for $199 Which is something I will never do I left sprint for my iPhone 3GS which I have not yet to regret. I won't go back
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    Until their network is reliable, consistent, and holds a connection for calls and data without dropping 5x a day, this is just FUD. I don't care how fast my connection is right now - i care that my connection drops 5x a day making a simple phone call.

    If i had the option of a verizon iphone, it'd be the first time in my life i would pay an early termination fee with a smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonHC View Post
    Take that Verizon!!!!
    Verizon will definitely take me, D..R..O..I..D!!!! I'm tired of AT&T's BS on how they will increase their speed. This "speed news" crap always comes out right before they want to sell another version of the iPhone. Never fails....... or should I say, They FAIL ever since 2G!!!

    Flaming 3G.......Ha! Keep believing 'em sheep.....

    Quote Originally Posted by hacker555 View Post
    see i hear this comment all the time, honestly i dont care if some areas dont have coverage. get over it thats part of how the world works. Take Verizon for example, Fios, their MAIN Selling point for their TV package is available in only a few locations, how is that any different??

    i have 3G from AT&T in my area, and its God F%cking AWESOME! Faster speeds are only icing on the cake.

    also for those of you who dont have great coverage, would you rather get full coverage put pay alot more than other users? no obviously not, thats because your area isnt economical or productive for the company to bust its *** for a region that has 5k users as opposed to NYC,LA,Seattle places that have 100 times that.

    youll get it eventually but for now, id advice you to get your information straight you commercial watching sheep, dont trust everything you see coming from a company, most of the time they are stretching or manipulating the truth.
    Well, there is a way to prove out this bold statement. For those of you who believe they have the best with AT&T, having issues and afraid of getting worse coverage, just go to a Verizon store and ask them to loan you a phone for a day or so. They will for free as long as you are willing to cover any possible damages while doing so. I did it, and let me tell you they definitely had better speed and connectivity in a poor AT&T reception area. They also had 3G service when AT&T only had 2G ---- go figure that! Give it a try, all it will cost you is a couple trips to a Verizon store. By the way, they didn't even sale pitch me, they must have figured that the trail would do it.... and it did!

    Counting down the contract days......
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