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Thread: Court Unseals Documents in Gizmodo iPhone Case

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    Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
    Am I really the only one here that holds a grudge against the roommate that turned him in because she was scared her laptop would be tracked by Apple? Really?
    Should take a look at other sites lol. I was looking at a tech magazines website about this story and man the comments go off on the freind that turned him in.

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    Apple is pissed because the prototypes you've beenvseeing wasn't supposed to be released till 2022. We are supposed get 8 amazing upgrades from 2010-2018, years 2019-2021 feature magical features followed by a revolutionary refresh for 2022. That's why apple is so upset. We were supposed to be wowed by another mediocre iPhone update this year. Not a device that actually was supposed to compete with phones from 3 years ago.

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    I think Gizmodo was a top geezer to let us all have a peek at the new phone. Who exactly do apple think they are, its just a phone!
    I have just today finally got my 3gs officially unlocked by Orange,so don't need an unlock,but the whole apple saga re jailbreaking , rejecting apps,and being bully on a small guy is driving me towards HTC.

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    Send the snitch to jail.

    Give everyone else a presidential pardon, maybe a medal

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    Hope that room mate gets what's comming to her. Snitches get stitches....

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    Damn, Chen's got a nice collection haha

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    wow, sounds to me that the Apple employee is just trying to save his own a** by saying "It was in his bag" maybe that's why he still has his job. And this sure doesn't look too good for Jason Chen.

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    Default If the IPHONE don't fit
    Quote Originally Posted by ACoolGuyTX View Post
    What hilarious is that the Apple employee claims he never took the phone out of his bag but there is clearly a facebook post during his time there from said phone. Am I missing something?
    'If the IPHONE don't fit, ....
    then you gotta acquit!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
    Am I really the only one here that holds a grudge against the roommate that turned him in because she was scared her laptop would be tracked by Apple? Really?
    No your not actually. The three things I hate in this world is a thief, lier, and a SNITCH!

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    Yeah I too hold a grudge on the one person who actually followed THE LAW. The guy stole a phone, knew who it belonged to and decided to make a quick buck out of him. I feel no sympathy for someone like that. The roommate was 100% in the right after the idiot decided to use her property to try to format/fix the prototype.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    This is a great example of what's wrong with how people think now adays.

    Are some of you really making fun of the one person in this whole story that did the right thing?

    Snitch.... I think that's better off left on the school play ground.

    What part about laws don't some of you people not understand?

    What did you guys really expect his room mate to do ? Hide all the evidence so you could have more pics of the phone?

    I like the iPhone and so on... But not to the point where it becomes more important to lie to the cops then to be honest and obey the law.

    Once again all this over a cell phone. Really people are we this bored with our lives?

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    Seriously, did you people even read the article? The guy who "found" the iPhone's ONLY attempt to return it was to get SOMEONE ELSE to call Apple Care. WTF?

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikesmasher View Post
    he was just really drunk.
    Ill take door #2 Monty

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    Oh... Now everyone wants to follow the law? You are the same people saying what's going on in Arizona is wrong.

    Do you guys think that news companies don't pay for "scoops" or "hot tips"? This whole thing is out of hand...

    First off, what kind of law says if you find something and don't try to return it that it's stealing?

    Secondly, if all you Californians want to boycott AZ and want these illegal immigrants (who send all that money they make illegally to another country) to be allowed to stay... YOU TAKE THEM TO YOUR ALREADY BANKRUPT STATE!

    Oh, and go Suns!!


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    the outcome will certainly be interesting...

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    1 pg doc signed by Gaby Darbyshire pertaining to invalid search warrant
    Does this mean they already new the police were trying to get search warrants?

    Also, if the police think A1241 is a serial number of a 3GS they really don't know a lot about iPhones....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    No one don't know what u have ontil so  An the sticker can go in the trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by elite_jounin View Post
    No your not actually. The three things I hate in this world is a thief, lier, and a SNITCH!
    lets see how long you last when you are being prosecuted for a crime you didn't commit.

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    In hindsight, Gawker media and Chen should probably have waited till a couple of days or so prior to the official apple announcement to release the story of the 'lost' phone

    Then again, where would we be without all this's what keeps interest high and competition ramped up so we consumers can benefit by having the best there is

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    Apple has really gotten me angry with all this crap they are pulling as of late. I mean really? it's a freaking phone.

    Next month I think I'll be saying bye bye iPhone, hello HTC EVO 4G

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