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Thread: WiFi Sync finally hits iPhone...on Cydia

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    interesting. Do you know what the update was?

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    Default Too expensive
    I'd get the iPhone wi-fi sync, but I can't justify $9.99 when I can happily sync with a USB cable. I'm not saying it isn't worth the money, just that I am happy to sync over USB. Maybe if the price dropped a bit.

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    uninstalled wifi sync, reinstalled it. rebooted computer. connected iphone to computer to make sure connection was ok. unplugged iphone, opened wifi sync, and it worked. not sure what happened.

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    Great! thanks for the update

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigorangekitty View Post
    uninstalled wifi sync, reinstalled it. rebooted computer. connected iphone to computer to make sure connection was ok. unplugged iphone, opened wifi sync, and it worked. not sure what happened.
    FYI - You didnt need to uninstall. Same thing happened to me after I updated and all I did was select Reset Paired Devices and then it re-paired itself immediately.

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    Hi all!

    So I've downloaded the Mac client and the WiFi Sync app to my iPhone. They seem to be talking to each other because the icon in my status bar on my Mac turns green, however, upon opening up iTunes, there is no device found.

    Anyone else having similar problems?


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    getting the cannot connect error, even though everything seems correct
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    You gotta be kidding.

    The reason I jailbroke is to get free apps.
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    Oh here we go another "Jailbreaking means free everything."

    So if it actually would have made it in the Appstore for 9.99 would you have bought it?

    I think the term jailbreaking is mixed up for people.

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    i jailbreak to do cool things with my iphone apple won't let me, because they like to control everything. hey, i bough my phone/pad and i'm going to do what i want with them, period. i can't tell u how many things i've bought from the cydia/rock stores. plus, updates go out faster

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    The home page has a windows client up now, haven't tried it out myself.

    Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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    Working great on my Windows 7

    EDIT: just read that I can use this on 5 devices, how do I get this on my iPhone (i have iTouch and iPhone) without paying another $10?
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    when u goto it, cydia will ask u to connect with facebook or something else, so my cydia account is tied to my facebook login, so it knew i already bought it and showed officially purchased

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    Developer added uninstall 'app' (script) to his website.

    I'm going to try it again, but I started getting various usbmuxd 'could not connect to lockdown port' errors...

    uninstalled using script, and iTunes sees my iphone and is syncing fine again.
    I might try again later. (I really need to re-jailbreak using spirit so I can ge away from this tethered thing.)

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    Default Buyer beware
    Do NOT expect ANY support from Greg Hughes if you encounter any problems with his Wi-Fi Sync software. I purchased the Windows version of Greg’s Wi-Fi Sync software and attempted to install on several PC’s with the same results “application failed to start”. I submitted a friendly trouble ticket on Greg’s support site over a month ago and Greg has made NO attempt to respond. A second trouble ticket also went unanswered as did a request for a refund. PayPal will only assist if the software was purchased via EBay, not Cydia. Jay Freeman of Cydia also didn’t respond to my email requesting assistance. BUYER BEWARE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnylovescookies View Post

    You gotta be kidding.

    The reason I jailbroke is to get free apps.
    You have no clue whatsoever why you jail break. There are free apps in the app store. Just use that.

    If you don't want to pay a developer for his hard work and time when he/she develops a great product, then write apps yourself.

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    ^ what he said. Jailbreaking is about being able to install software that apple doesn't want you to have, not getting free apps. Anyone else have wifi sync stop working on leopard after iTunes 9.2 upgrade?
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    I have had problems with wifi sync it's either not 4.0 compatible or 9.2 iTunes upgrade or both. IMHO however, if u reset the paired device and open/close iTunes and re-pair should work fine.
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    my MBP run iTunes 9.2 since I got an iPhone 4, but my iMac is using 9.1.1. I haven't tried wifi-sync on the MBP since, so I can't comment. Generally, resetting pairings, restarting iTunes and re-pairing has solved my problems.

    I do have to agree that if this dev is going to sell an app, he has a certain amount of responsibility to his customers. If he wants to abdicate this responsibility, then he needs to notify his customers, and potential ones before they buy, about his 'customer service policies' (how to get support, how long to expect to wait before getting support, refund policy, etc.) People should be fully aware before they buy and if they don't like it, they will know not to buy.

    Considering this wasn't a $1.99 app, I had higher expectations. He's managed to hurt other devs pockets by making me more reluctant to purchase more expensive apps in the future.

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