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Thread: iPad Jailbreak Compatibility List - Which Apps Work, Which ones Don't

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    Default iPad Jailbreak Compatibility List - Which Apps Work, Which ones Don't

    For those of you who have recently purchased an iPad and used the new Spirit jailbreak, you might be wondering which apps are safe to install, which apps actually work, and how you can stay up to date on when these apps will get updated to support iPad Compatibility.

    What is always overwhelming is the support from the community, which really makes jailbroken iDevices that much more worthwhile. Users from all over have contributed to a list in which [Unknown] has created and posted on Google Docs which is publicly available for users to contribute and help maintain so that it stays up to date and current.

    The official list can be found here.
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    Since you used an image that I posted on my blog, you could at least give me the credit for that...
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    Lol, Icy got Epic Fail.

    ^Winterboard has been updated to work with iPad, not 100% though.

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    Oops nope I didn't create the list, I just tweeted it because it seems like a really good idea.

    I understand there was a similar Google Docs list when 3.0 first came around, and that it worked out good back then too.

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    Crap. So who is the genious behind this? Who can we credit for starting this list?

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    That's strange...somehow I did become the doc "owner". But the person I was talking to was named "Jens" (Google Docs appears to be very protective about identities and email of editors).

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    this is a great list and helps out alot...

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    i love how my post got deleted and your picture isn't edited -_- <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by gthugballin View Post
    i love how my post got deleted and your picture isn't edited -_- <3
    We are kind of in a "grey" area. Just because its on the list doesn't mean we have to talk about it... thanks.

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    @nickhesson this is where i first saw the list and started folowing...

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    I like how the iPad has been used as a skateboard before it was used to send an sms through an app.

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    i tried that fake location. now no app can determine my location. how do i remedy this problem

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    does springjumps work??
    it's not on the list..
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    I am unable to edit the list. How are we supposed to update it if its VIEW ONLY?
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    vWallpaper working?

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    As of now, no

    Could someone please add me as a contributor on Google Docs?
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    "The official list can be found here."

    So is a Troll messing with this list ? it use to be accurate then all Pass/fail column was blank now it's all pass.
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    Default Correct link to list
    Your link is broken. Here is the correct link, anyone can edit the document.

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