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Thread: AT&T Drops 3x More Calls Than Verizon, May Keep Exclusive

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    Never drop calls with my 3G[S]. Had all 3 iPhones. Same deal. Live in Phoenix and hat east of San Francisco. Don't drop calls in either places. And I'm currently pulling over 5megs down from the cell tower.

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    Default Defective Cell Services
    4 years with AT&T now. As with any cell service it has its ups and downs. There will always be bad cell areas and sweet spots. If there is a problem with something their customer service is pretty good. On iPhones one can check out their cell towers in their area by going into the "Field Test Mode" typing in this after pressing phone.
    *3001#12345#* press call.
    Go to Cell information - list cell towers.
    Look at the RX= -60 is good -111 is weak. Walk around and find your sweet spot. or just look at the top left of your screen and it will show your RX %.
    Here is a video on it.

    [ame=]YouTube - See the Clearboost case at work[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
    Guess I'm in the 23% who's completely satisfied with AT&T. They've always had strong 3G where I live (only have 100K people in my city so its now a metropolis) and have actually gotten 3G in two smaller areas about an hour away just in the last 6 months. I can definitely see them expanding their 3G, just in my area of Eastern NC.

    And its not like the exclusivity deal was based on just the iPad data pricing. Apple can't just magically make its GSM phone work with crappy CDMA technology. 90% of the world is on GSM, why would they want to have to re-make a phone for 10% of the world on a technology that is going nowhere?
    same here. no problems anywhere I go, unless I'm way out in the country or in a building made with cinder blocks.

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    No complaints here in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or DFW. My 3G works great all the time with speeds or about 300+ kB/s. But my 3G does revert to EDGE in a few wide open empty spaces down here in Texas. Going to & from austin on HWY 290.
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    Default Viva La AT&T
    The reason I left verizon was because their customer service was atrocious.
    I have been with AT&T for about 3 years now, definitely a downgrade with reception, but not to the point where it makes me want to go back.
    I normally do not drop calls, and 90% of where I live (Rhode Island) is covered fine.

    I see everybody hating on the fact that AT&T negotiated terms for the iPad and iPhone extension, and it does not make sense why people are upset. Take a look at the situation from their side. The longer the stay exclusive with apple the larger their profits become. Thats the core principle behind business...profits!!
    At least they are currently working on their infrastructure to provide their apple users with a more practical bandwidth.

    ...anyhow, just my two cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

    According to a new survey of US smartphone users, three times more AT&T customers than Verizon customers said they had experienced calls being dropped. The results suggest that despite massive investment in its infrastructure, AT&T still has significant problems to overcome. However, one financial analyst believes that AT&T will retain its exclusive iPhone deal in the US at least through this year. The reason? A "quid pro quo" sweetheart deal for iPad 3G data plans.

    ChangeWave Research, the company that does the polling for the site, released the results of a survey of 4,040 smartphone users in the US done during March of this year. They were looking into "trends in customer satisfaction and loyalty, future market share demand, and the issue of dropped calls," and discovered that AT&T's results were in a death-spiral on all those measurements. As far as dropped calls go, while Verizon customers reported that 1.5% of their calls were dropped - the best result of the 4 US major carriers - AT&T customers said that 4.5% of their calls were dropped. Sprint and T-Mobile customers were essentially in a tie for second, with 2.4% and 2.5% of calls dropped respectively. And unsurprisingly, only 23% of AT&T customers said they were "very satisfied" with their service, as opposed to 49% of Verizon customers.

    And while a full 53% of these happy Verizon customers said they'd buy an iPhone if they could, it doesn't look like Apple is going to give them the option in 2010. According to Brian Marshall, a Wall Street analyst at BroadPoint AmTech, "AT&T had to do something dramatic to get the iPad." So what they did was to give Apple the rock-bottom pricing it wanted for 3G data. No other US 3G carrier can touch the $29.99 all-you-can-eat plan, and so, Marshall told Computerworld's Gregg Keizer, "AT&T was able to negotiate a six-month extension on the iPhone exclusive." Most observers believe that the existing AT&T iPhone deal was set to expire this summer.

    It's hard to imagine Apple turning away customers, but the company's executives must have thought it could sell enough expensive 3G iPads with this deal to make up for the iPhone buyers it'd be turning away. After all, the only difference between the $499 16GB WiFi iPad and the $629 16GB WiFi + 3G iPad is a single $7 chip. It's pretty much a money factory for Apple.

    This is news???????

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    When I had Verizon I did not get dropped calls however their customer support was awful. I had returned a new phone I got from them and had the receipt for it and I had to argue for a month almost everyday until they gave me my money back... they said they did not see it on their computers and I had the proof that I returned it.

    However AT&T has been more than nice to work with as far as customer support.

    I liked Verizon better but paid my way out to get the iPhone....

    I do not mind AT&T...... just wish they could kink out some of the problems.... at least they are understanding!

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    Maybe in some rural places where I never go but....I live in Vegas and have had AT&T forever, back when the service was called 360, then it was Cingular and then AT&T bought them out. I had drops in one spot in town on my old old OLD Razor years ago, but Have never, not once had one single dropped call in the years I've had my iPhone with AT&T. I have no complaints....but like I said that's here in Vegas and Hawaii where we always go. So can't speak for the rest of the country...

    ...and ditto the good customer service for their dealings with the problems my kids had with their different touch phones.
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    It is what it is...

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