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Thread: Android on the iPhone 3G - Progress Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeeceKeeper View Post
    EXCELLENT analogy my friend! I'm personally dying for this to come out of alpha into beta before I try putting it on my 3G.

    I love my iPhone, but I highly dislike Apple. Tell me, how many times has Microsoft busted down a blogger's door when he wasn't home because he had leaked some info on the next Windows OS?

    When I first got my iPhone, I was an Apple fanboy. Now, ever since they've been making the leash shorter and shorter, its been suffocating.

    To be honest, I'm waiting 'til AT&T releases a subsidized version of either the Google Nexus One or the HTC Desire (not everyone can afford the unsubsidized version). The hardware specs stomps on Apple's iPhones, and Google's "Developer Freedom" sounds very appealing to both developers and tech savvy consumers like myself.

    So in the meantime, I plan on porting to Android as soon as possible, atleast until I can have the N1/Desire.

    As for anyone that has a problem with this - this is merely my opinion. To each his own. LoL remember the war between Berry users and iUsers!?!
    I don't dislike Apple, just the ***holes running it!

    By the way I just bought a iphone with dual boot android which I pick up tomorrow!

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    Whether you like Android or not, you have to admit, this is a very neat project. Its not another HOW MANY ICONS CAN I HAVE ON 1 DOCK tweak. This is a lot bigger. This is the start of something great. Who knows what can come of this.

    Besides, there wouldn't be a jailbroken community if we weren't restricted by Apple. By booting Android, our restrictions are loosened. I have never tried Android but it interests me a lot. I would love to run it on my ipod. Unfortunatelty I only have an iTouch 1g and I don't know how interested they are in porting android to it. Especially because of the lack of buttons but of course for a guy who did all this I'm sure he could find a better way like an inline menu or something. I'd love to have Android on my iTouch because of the sheer amount of win this is, because of the clear possibilities it gives us, and just the ability to have something else for a change. I would love to have it but I probably won't get it but I'm willing to live with that.

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    Planetbeing is done with multitouch.
    [ame] Uej[/ame]
    You can quit crying now.

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    Looking great so far. I always did like planetbeing.

    Hoping somebody will be able to get Android functioning on the 3GS. Once that happens, I will once again love my iPhone.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    "I'd pay to see a video of someone bringing an iPhone running Android into an Apple store and asking for help."
    lmao!me too, I would Totaly do That Except I am Friends with some of the apple employess lamo I would Be like Umm Its been acting weird latley.After I left It in a bar last Night.Oh yeah I also Forgot to mention That I Sal Grey powell too And he was Highly Wasted. Ha ha I think it would Be halirous TO do That."umm IS it still under warinti"?

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