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Thread: Wireless iTunes Sync App Submitted to Apple

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    this would be the bomb, total b.a!! my computers usb ports dont work so this would defiantly be worth buying

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    I'm looking forward to it. From Apple or Cydia doesn't matter to me either way.

    Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
    It also takes money away from apple because it would eliminate
    I don't think it would hurt MobileMe at all. Syncing to my PC is great, but doesn't send me my emails. My PC won't find my iPhone and let me remote wipe it (without MobileMe). I'd still keep my MobileMe account.
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    What's funny is...
    I spent all of yesterday trying to find some sort of app to do this! I even tried bluetooth, and I wasn't successful!

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    I see this being useful in that maybe we can eventually "Bump" songs from one phone to another =)

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    hate to kill people's hopes, but couldnt this guy have just plugged in another phone, then played a video of it syncing on the iphone?
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    Ok, the calendars/notes/mail accounts syncing I can see since developers are given access to that...but adding media to the iPod app?? Does I smell some private frameworkz?

    It's a very useful app based on an original idea worked into a unique user interface that is simple to use, and likely took a good bit of time to develop. Of COURSE it will be rejected.
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    I can't see myself using this to copy, say, my whole music library since it's over 6.5 GB, but for something simple like backing up my iPod after i change something important or install beta software this would definitely be useful. Because rather then going from one level of the house to another you could sit right where you were and sync (:
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    It's not even so much that I need it, but for some reason Apple decided to make one of the most cutting edge devices (a few years ago at least) but then turned around and did some stupid **** like not include MMS, etc.

    Having to connect a wire is antiquated, and if the Zune HD can do it the iPhone should be able to as well. Hell we're already working on wireless charging, but I can't wireless sync, how crazy is that?

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    That is awesome! I'm certain that it will be rejected since it violates their dumb SDK terms. At least, we have Cydia for them.
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    Yay now we need them to make a Bluetooth sync app for iPods to sync anywhere without having to be on Wi-Fi!

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    This app is guna be SICK! The only thing is, I want to know if this is guna be free or if it's guna cost me. I really hope it gets approved to the App Store! But if it doesn't, I really hope this guy makes the right choice and posts it to Cydia! Cuz either way, I wana test this app out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
    Why does everything have to be through Wifi? It's so f**king lame. What happens if I don't have Wifi and only have Bluetooth on my MBP?
    Use Bluetooth. Put it in Cydia and make it use Bluetooth instead of Wifi!!!
    And isn't bluetooth the slower of the 2?

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    I can't wait till this gets released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    this will rule all things

    i agree.
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    Aimetti, your stuff is probably defective. The worst I've done to my cable is barely crack it and I accidently step on it like almost everyday

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    lookin forward to this App,...

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    I was really hoping the rumor of wireless iTunes sync was true for OS 4.0, but this works just as good I guess!

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    I doubt very much that this will see the app store.

    Still nice work, but personally, I'm happy just using a cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
    Why does everything have to be through Wifi? It's so f**king lame. What happens if I don't have Wifi and only have Bluetooth on my MBP?
    Use Bluetooth. Put it in Cydia and make it use Bluetooth instead of Wifi!!!
    Make an Ad Hoc network with your laptop's airport card and voila!

    +Apple give you, like, 3 things you can do with bluetooth. File transfers is not one of them.

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    It's about time I can't wait to get this app. Way to go!!!

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