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Thread: planetbeing Boots Android on iPhone

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    Here you go I went through and changed the spacing makes the readme alot easier to you know read....

    iDroid: Android on your first-generation iPhone

    These instructions describe how to build an Android system for iPhone 2G from
    sources. These instructions are currently just notes and are being gradually
    worked into a more readable form. Please submit questions and suggestions for
    clarification to #iphonelinux on

    The essential pieces for booting Android are:

    1. Linux kernel

    2. Wi-Fi and touchscreen firmware

    3. Boot initrd

    4. Android ramdisk.img

    5. Android system.img

    6. Android userdata.img

    7. Android cache.img

    8. openiboot

    Instructions for pre-built images

    If you have a prebuilt android.img.gz, ramdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img
    and cache.img, you still need to follow the directions in the "Firmware"
    section and add all the firmware files to

    /lib/firmware in android.img.gz (it's a compressed ext2 image)

    /etc/firmware in system.img (it's an uncompressed ext2 image)

    After this, you can skip down to "Installation".

    Linux kernel

    1. Check out commit e27f17b5318851395a66cbaf1524ea89ff8f0cb9 of the
    android-2.6.32 branch of git://

    2. Apply the patches from android/kernel

    3. Fix the Makefile for your system (you may need to use Google's repo to
    check out your own copy of the Android toolchain).

    4. Use something based on android/kernel/.config as your .config

    5. Build


    These can't be redistributed due to copyright laws. The multitouch firmware
    will need to be extracted from your ioreg tree. Install iokittools from Cydia
    and perform ioreg -l -w 0 and pipe the result to some file. Read this file and
    look for entries under AppleMultitouchSPI for Firmware and A-Speed Firmware.
    These contain a simple hexadecimal encoding for the bytes of the firmware
    files. Convert and keep "Firmware" as zephyr_main.bin and "A-Speed Firmware"
    as zephyr_aspeed.bin.

    The firmware for the wi-fi can be found on Marvell's site at
    Marvell: Support Under "Choose a platform", select "Linux

    6 - Fedora" and click the Search button under the drop down box. The
    SD-8686-* zip archive will contain the files. Rename helper_sd.bin to
    sd8686_helper.bin and keep that and sd8686.bin.

    So, you have zephyr_main.bin, zephyr_aspeed.bin,

    sd8686_helper.bin, and

    It's also possible to cut a more recent version of the Marvell firmware from
    the iPhone kernel. Can someone create a firmware cutter utility for this

    Boot initrd

    The Android initrd was created under a Debian installation of iPhone Linux
    (which is not currently available) using the script.
    However, if you read it, you can figure out generally how it's done.

    YOU WILL NEED TO COPY ALL THE FIRMWARE *.bins TO /lib/firmware on this

    You end up with android.img.gz

    Android images

    First, checkout 1.6 (Donut) using Google's repo tool. Copy vendor/apple to
    vendor/apple in their tree. Rename data/sounds/ to
    data/sounds/ (if you want the built-in sounds).

    Copy all the firmware *.bins to vendor/apple/firmware as well.

    Then, apply android/android.patch provided. Then, do the following to create a
    "generic" image:

    . build/
    [Select device, debug, generic, engineering]
    make -j4 PRODUCT-generic-eng

    Now wait forever for Android to build. You'll get ramdisk.img and system.img
    in out/debug/target/product/generic/. Ignore the other .img files, we won't be
    using them.

    Android ramdisk.img

    Create a blank 1 MB file and make a ext2 filesystem on it. Mount it as a
    loopback device. Rename the ramdisk.img from Android to ramdisk.img.gz. Use
    gunzip on ramdisk.img.gz. Use cpio -i -F ramdisk.img as root with the current
    directory in the new ext2 filesystem to extract the ramdisk files onto the

    Apply android/init.rc.patch to init.rc

    Make a directory called /cache

    Unmount and you have your ramdisk.img

    Android system.img

    You can just use the system.img Android compiled.

    Android userdata.img

    You can start with a perfectly empty userdata.img (as long as its properly
    formatted). However, without the Dalvik caches, the boot will hang the first
    couple of times until those can be generated. This is some strange timeout

    After the initial boot, you have to do

    INSERT INTO secure (name, value) VALUES ('device_provisioned', 1);

    Using sqlite3 in the database


    If the device is not "provisioned", it will automatically reject all incoming
    calls. Very stupid.

    Can someone please show me how this can be made less aggravating?

    Android cache.img

    This can just be an empty 50 MB ext2 filesystem.


    See the instructions in the openiboot folder in the iphonelinux repo.



    Jailbreak your iPhone.

    1. Under the jailbroken environment, put ramdisk.img, system.img, ramdisk.img,
    userdata.img, cache.img, android.img.gz, and zImage in /private/var.

    2. Follow the instructions for installing openiboot.
    - Essentially:

    1. sudo ./loadibec openiboot.img3

    2. Use Hold button to select Console

    3. Push Home button

    4. sudo ./oibc

    5. Type install
    - loadibec and oibc are compiled for x86 Linux.
    - Need libusb, pthreads, readline.


    In the openiboot bootloader, it should be enough to select Console with Hold
    and hold the Home button for more than two seconds to trigger the boot of

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    Apologies for outage on IRC
    An idiot was glined and is now DDSing.
    He/she thinks they are being clever....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    A ninja just blew through here.

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    Annoying - but back now.
    Not sure it was the most sensible thing they ever did!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    ^Lol, what are you on?
    Seriously noobs, if your not a dev or don't understand the instructions, you should stay away from it and seeing as it's at alpha state for now.
    How long till Android 2.1 on 3GS?

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    the first port was gnarl but this is legit, so much potential

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    Wow = o

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    damn... 3gs would be sweet with android......

    also wonder if this would be considered rooted

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    That reformatted version of the instructions helped a little bit, but It's still confusing as balls... my IT brother is coming over later to help me out, anyone think there will be better instructions anytime soon? even better, maybe a youtube video?

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    A youtube video?
    If you need one of those steer well clear!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    This is by far not for a normal user to do. If you are questioning more than a couple things in the readme then it is best to stay back and wait.

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    Lol, I'm not that bad, they just help =) Honestly, I think that this will be made much simpler by the community in the coming weeks. kind of like how nowadays the entire Jailbreak process happens with 1 mouse click.

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    hopes of one day installing new OS's as a simple install package from Cydia?


    does anyone want to see this on an iPad?
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    Aww man this is too awesome.

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    @dellandc this is NOT for someone is isn't extremely experienced is iPhone software modding. It's not at all like the GUI jailbreaks we have around today. And also, this is ONLY for the iPhone 2G (iPhone Edge). I'm pretty sure it wont even install on a 3G, or a 3GS. And it definitely doesn't work on any gen of iPod, if it ever will.
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    Does anybody know what he means by
    These contain a simple hexadecimal encoding for the bytes of the firmware
    files. Convert and keep "Firmware" as zephyr_main.bin and "A-Speed Firmware"
    as zephyr_aspeed.bin.
    i got the firmware(0x0088.hex) and the a-speed firmware(A_Speed-0x0003.hex)
    so i have to convert them to a bin file? I saved those firmwares in txt format.... thanks

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    Nice.. so glad the guide is there =)

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    why was my link deleted? it was just a tut to install this

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    Working on a simplified set of instructions. Through trial and error I managed to install it but if anybody out there had any type of success can you please PM me so we can combine manpower on the instructions to speed the process?

    It is very complicated and even following the instructions lead to errors.
    For a period of like an HR or so I thought I killed my phone because it wouldn't turn on
    Just by a simple typing mistake.

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    Stealth I didn't see what u posted. But it had warez in it so it was deleted

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