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Thread: News Flash: Apple Opposed to Jailbreaking

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    This is ***. They tell Not to jailbreak but then again they turn around and every take some jailbreak-developer's idea of something! For instance, folders=categories
    apple would probably b the worst company with the jailbreaking developers

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    shortened battery life because of all the great new things you will do with your jailbroken device!!

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    5-1 odds Steve Jobs personal iPhone is or was at one point jail broken. Hell, Woz openly admits he uses a jail broken iphone.

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    I agree with Apple. I quit jailbreaking my iPhones a while ago because it was laggy and the apps (jailbroken ones) crashed constantly. Less of a hassle for go without it.

    But I'm still all for having the option to do it lol

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    Apple will use this to brick your jb'd device because they warned that this might happen. If a lot of iphones are starting to get bricked in future firmwares, I see a law suit.

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    THey don't "really" want it to stop; all the hype regarding jailbreaking the iPhone only enhances the sale of the "iPhone!"

    Of course they're going to say, "no jailbreaking"..outloud, but behind the scenes...They're thinking, HELL YEAH!

    Just MHO
    Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus: The best of both worlds!

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    Here's a little secret of the trade: geohot and musclenerd are Apple employees! Dun dun duuuun

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    Hey um... beleive me, I know this is a huge noob question, but just to be sure, if at some point 4.0 gets a proper jailbreak and I want to upgrade from my 3.1.2 to 4.0 and jailbreak again, am I running any risk upgrading directly from my jailbroken device, or should I do a full restore before upgrading to 4.0? If this is adressed elsewhere, feel free to direct me there.

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    At this point jailbreaking is the only thing that makes me really love my iPod Touch. It's nice to be able to make my own mods and graphics for it relatively easily.

    If Apple wants to fight the jailbreak community, all they have to do is make OS customizable and add a quicklaunch menu ala SBSettings so we don't have to dig through slow menus to find a button.

    These two changes would "steal back" half the jailbreakers out there.

    Oh, and they should make an appstore for icon packs. I would make a killer mod if I thought I could reach a couple hundred million people while charging only $.99.

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    What the...??? Apple seriously doesn't like Jailbreaking? lol, I bet Steve Jobs JB's his iPhone... he cant be happy with what it does. Capable of so much more, but they just wont let it happen...

    It's sad really...but Im glad that we jailbreak... otherwise I would have switched to Android a long time ago. lol

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    If they don't like jailbreaking and unlocking, they certainly aren't going to like Android.

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    More people are switching to android if they stop jailbreaking all iphones!

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    omg i never knew this why did i fall for the jaibreaking lol screw apple bring it on devs

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    It's time for me to restore to stock firmware now that it is confirmed Apple opposes all that I do...
    LMAO! niiice.

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    Apple should stop whinning about JB'ing...and give credit to whom it's due!! The JB community got them where they are today...without JB, we'd all be stuck using crappy, half-baked and buggy stuff from them

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    ... so all iPhone 2G User have Jailbreaked phones, cause Apple locked them out to Upgrdae to Firmware 4.0 ...

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    Dear Apple,

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. And thank you for allowing third-party applications that truly enhances my usage of your product; I shan't go anywhere without it.

    Yours Truly,


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    OMG This is ground breaking!!!

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    @Planetbeing Finally breaking radio silence to bring you Android on the iPhone. Linux on the iPhone: Android running on iPhone!
    I've been waiting for this. Taking jailbreaking to the next level I for one am always pushing the hardware to the limits. Whether it be a car, stereo, computers or phones. Any modifications that improve a product is a good thing. It just keeps getting better !!!
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    I agree with Romeo, factory unlock all phones and there will be less jailbreaking, i think

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