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Thread: Evolution OS 2: Theme Of The Week - April 21st, 2010

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    Default Evolution OS 2: Theme Of The Week - April 21st, 2010
    Evolution OS 2

    This week's Theme of The Week, as nominated by the MMi User Community, is Evolution OS 2 by Bluemetal. It's a very clean and classy theme. The artwork is very well done and the theme comes in both English and German. Complete with glossy black scrolling icon bars, photoshop templates, and various backgrounds. Also included is a dialer, clock/date widget, categories, and over 200 icons.

    From the designer:
    It is not my intention with Evolution OS to completly restyle every little button of the iPhone OS, but to give you the coolest, most beautiful and best UI and this theme harmonizes perfectly in colors and style with the iPhoneOS
    This theme is available on both Rock and Cydia. Evolution OS 2 runs for $1.99.

    Discuss this Theme in the Forum

    Staff Pick: A 266 Collection

    My pick for this week is "A 266 Collection" by Jonny79. The theme includes a Complete UI, Statusbars, Keypads, Apple Apps including full Calculator, Voice Memos, Messages, iPod, Dailer, Calendar, Safari, Mail, Settings, YouTube, Maps, Camera, Notes and more.

    A 266 Collection runs for $1.75 in Cydia.

    Discuss this theme in the forum.

    Bonus Theme: Dulce (2600+ Icons)

    Here's a bonus pick from myself Dulce is a theme by Adrián Rubmore over at This theme has over 2600+ Icons! Very impressive!

    This theme is free.
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    Is it free?

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    Evolution OS 2 is $1.99, A 266 Collection is $1.75 and Dulce is FREE.

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    I love evolution OS and OS 2 is even nicer and very sleek. The new black UI reminds me a lot of the cloud gaming system Onlive, which I requested a theme for here:

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    I guess I just don't get themes like this. I'm not bashing it's just an observation. I can certainly respect the effort that went into the creation of something like this.

    This is yet another in a long line of similar looking themes that seek to replace multiple icons with a screen hogging icon that takes out the whole row.

    I guess if you have poor eye sight maybe this is valuable. I don't see the demand for an icon that takes the place of four, and then has a text sentence to describe what the icon does: i.e. Contacts - all your phone numbers and addresses. Thanks I forgot what contacts was for.

    They look nice but they are a PITA to either setup, or maintain. Usually you are locked into the design choices and must set your icons up in the same order as the developer did, or worse, use the same exact programs as the developer. Otherwise you just live with a patch work looking theme that doesn't support your non standard apps.

    Since you are losing scores of icons per page to enable something like this, now you are flicking like crazy to get to the page where your other icons are, unless you can actually apply this theme to every single page you have. Maybe categories could help in some way?

    Just trying to point out some potential pitfalls to those who see this screenshot and say "oooo shiny" and don't realize how difficult it will be to use practically. I would try out one of the free themes that look just like this before spending money.
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    So there are two good Apple related things related to Germany

    I love Evolution OS2, impresses everyone and just looks new and good!

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    I respect your critics, but

    1. this theme fully supports categories with new categories backgrounds and many many various folder icons
    2. This is the first theme of its kind (that i know), because the large bars/icons/folders are all scrolling verticaly.
    3. All bars are placeable and changeable like you want it !

    So all of your main critics are unfortunatly totally wrong and base upon not informing or reading anything about Evolution OS.

    I have a 100% positive and enthusiastic feedback from USERS of that theme and it is easy to setup and absolutly easy to use !

    So it seems you are the one that just took a quick look at the screenshot before posting
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    The first 2 are cool, I wish they were free

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    hey blue when u put apps in category folders in your theme do they show up as the default icons or do you have special icons for those. Itd be cool if you had autocreate icons for the ones in the categories folders

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    i give good feedback it's amazing!

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    Sweet theme

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    Evolution OS 2 is a cool theme, but I hate the text in it. "Mail - Read and write your emails" "Messages - Stay in contacts with SMS and MMS" "Contacts - All your phone numbers and adresses*" Well no fricking duh. We see an icon, we see the label, and we see the description. That's overkill. Very very clean theme though, I'd love it if it weren't for that.

    *By the way, it's spelt "addresses". I guess German is the author's first language, so I understand.

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    All amazing themes

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    just got dulce, I like it

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    is it just me or are the dulce icons too big and cover the app name. the only thing i seem to know what to do is to make the icons canvas smaller and this kinda removing the glow??? anyone have this problem too????

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