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Thread: 4th Gen iPhone pr0nz

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    you guys just lap up anything people throw your way.
    hold back five seconds!

    heres a few points!:

    1 ) all prototypes are bolted to a desk in a lab in apple - FACT
    2 ) all important documents / objects are SEALED behind locked doors and safes where the codes change every few minutes
    3 ) the HQ is closely guarded
    4 ) how would "Grey" ever manage to take the iphone prototype, slip it into his pocket and walk out!
    5 ) giz changed stories - first they found it, next they bought it
    6 ) no lawsuit from apple?

    also, just take a look at the pic on giz's site. ill tell you that the 3gs next to this is much sexier, and if anything looks NEWER than the 4g.

    square is not the way forward.

    i could forge a letter like that aswell...

    micro-sim is not the way forward either! ill stick to the well known, well used sim card in my phone. this way i can choose who i want to have as my carrier. and when the world moves on to micro sim, ill buy an adapter just like the MicroSD one, SIMPLE!

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    i kinda like the design and like sum1 said imagine if i dropped my all glass iphone oops i already feel like im acting too careful with plastic...
    Does any one else think this thing resembles a nokia sumwat like the n82 with a touch screen...
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    Did any of the people saying "OMG THIS IS JUST THE PROTOTYPE THE FINAL PRODUCT WILL LOOK WAY DIFFERENT" read the article? If this is indeed the prototype the final product WILL NOT look much different because the article clearly states that there is 0 room for any moving of components around/changing the case design.

    Quote Originally Posted by adamnur View Post
    I was expecting sleeker, slimmer, slightly larger display, among other things.
    The new iPhone is for a fact slimmer and doesn't have an obnoxious curve on the back so yeah it IS sleeker.

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    i quite like the look of it, looks like itll feel more substantial in your hand, and for that reason, im in

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    sigh just wait till june everyone most of you will buy it either way

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    Lol omg to the android key ring next to it

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    was it just me, or does anyone else thinks it's kind of ironic or suspicious for there to be an "ANDROID" figure and a "MICROSOFT" pen next to it?

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    Anyone got a towel?
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    I still call bs. That thing is hideous.

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    the phone looks awesome it doesn't look like a piece of plastic junk anymore!

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    Lmao, love the Android key chain "laying around" but for iPhone talk... the phone looks pretty lame, though I do like the frontal camera and back camera flash... If it wasn't on AT&T lock down I might consider it... Nexus one FTW... (of course I still have my iPhone 3G for back up... and plants vs zombies...)
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    If the actual hardware is legit, camera/flash/upped storage/front camera/higher res screen, I'm getting it. I'll pay out of pocket too. The software combined with the upgraded hardware is a definite sell for me. I think the screen is the right size, I just hope the speaker is louder. Working around noisy aircraft and support gear kills my ears and I can't hear my 3GS in even moderate noise levels compared to other phones.

    Not digging the hideous case though. Without the seams and the funky round volume button it would still look pretty dang sweet. Weird, but my favorite part is the sim slot on the side. I don't know why but I like it alot.

    EDIT: There has to be a confirmed and reliable jailbreak before I plunk down the cash though. Even with the 4.0 software it STILL isn't great user software. No reason we can't change mail sounds or text sounds. My cell phone from 4 years ago could do that!

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    RelentlessDan, they have to test the prototypes in real life, hence being out and about with it. This is all part of the R&D they have to do before they launch a product and it happens with most products for a majority of manufacturers. It was disguised to look like a 3GS This Is Apple's Next iPhone - Iphone 4 - Gizmodo scroll about mid page to the picture with the caption "The camouflage case" below it. I don't think any of this is far fetched at all. To the person who made the comment about how did they know to contact Jason Chen and to ask for the amount of $5,000. Look at that same link towards the top of the page on the left hand side under Gizmodo Team, this is listed on every page of their site. As far as the amount, who knows. The guy could had said I want $10,000, they fire back $5,000 he says ok. Hell all he did was find it, send an email and made $5,000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    Personally I love it. The current design is pretty old now. The chrome on the side gets scratches all over and frankly the curves look like an appliance from the 70's. Can't wait to jailbreak this thing...
    I agree. The current chrome bezel and plastic backing always bothered me. I really like this new design. I'm assuming it will be fine tuned a bit but I like where its heading.

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    i dont like the flat edges

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    I love the look, but not the idea of having to buy new accessories ONCE AGAIN. Thanks Steve.

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    surely if this was real we would have seen it powered up by now
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    I think it looks sexy, get rid of the seams and I'm there buying it on launch day

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    I'm sorry but the side looks very stupid and plastic like and that's not how apple makes their products, although the rest looks legit though

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    VampireV, Apple remotely bricked the phone before Gizmodo got their hands on it. Supposedly the only thing you saw when you powered it on was the image with the USB cable and I believe a disc indicating you need to hook it up to a computer and activate it. An article on msnbc Apple gets iPhone back, and yes, it's real - Wireless- is stating it has already been returned to Apple.

    I dig the new design and I hope the production model is just like it. I'm still torn if I'll pick one up right away or wait until it's successfully jailbroken. Initially I figured I'd pick it up right away and I could swap the sim back and forth between my jailbroken 3G but the articles are saying there is a new micro sim design in the prototype so if that is the case then it won't be an option.

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