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Thread: iPhone 4.0 Dumps "Rate on Delete" for Apps

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    Default iPhone 4.0 Dumps "Rate on Delete" for Apps

    The new iPhone OS is bringing to an end a familiar prompt that showed itself to those preparing to delete an app that was no longer wanted, enjoyed, or deleted. First introduced in iPhone 2.2, the ability to "Rate on Delete" has been a well-established option that enabled users to give one final thumbs up or down to their departing app. Well, no longer with this option be available.

    It stands to reason that such a prompt would - at least, in theory - be desirable to developers in hopes of obtaining some measure of feedback from iPhone users who used a particular application. In addition, bulking up the App Store's reviews and user ratings was another added benefit to Apple of having the prompt. And although the prompt didn't obligate anyone to rate a departing app, let's face it, most of us still assigned a 1-5 star rating upon termination.

    Unfortunately, then, it also makes sense that some developers feel that the prompt to "rate on delete" negatively impacted user ratings.

    Needless to say, if you're deleting an app, you're either tired of it, annoyed by it, or ready to replace the old with the new. As a result, that "mindset" will likely effect how you rate an app that you're tossing. It may have been a five-star app only three weeks ago. But now that you've found better, the app will only get two stars on deletion. This situation has increasingly made developers displeased with the process.

    So for the new iPhone OS, this longstanding prompt will no longer be featured. Instead, the only way to rate an application is to go to the App Store and rate the app there.

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    i always just click "no thanks" but i think that the devs r right and when people do rate them, it would negatively impact the ratings
    p.s. why would u delete JellyCar
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    i aint a developer but i did like the idea of rating the app, but i spose you can do that in the app store anyway
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    That's good. That was a terrible idea anyway since it put a negative impact on applications.
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    ha i would rate every app 5 stars before deletion

    but yea, who cares! check the app for your damn self, dont rely on some "rate"
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    there are too many idiots out there to still have this feature. I have seen reviewers giving 1 star because they bought a GPS app and didn't read the info saying it was for 3G/s only. I think reviewers also need a rating to weed out the morons.

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    Surely the fact you are deleting an app means you don't want it or don't like it, thus would rate it low
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    I always press "no thanks"

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    I'm glad!

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    First off i agree that this is stupid to have the rate option upon deletion for the reasons stated already... I will most likely never give a good rating to an app Im deleting, otherwise I wouldnt be deleting it... maybe instead prompt the question why are you deleting?
    A) Dont use it
    B) Found something better
    C) Not Satisfied
    D) Other
    and a comment box to explain...

    Or make the option on the "jiggly icons" an Info button instead of a delete button... pressing it would tell you the version number and release date of the app, and also give the options RATE - DELETE - CANCEL... I would be more likely to rate with this setup... as I never go into the AppStore to look for an installed app and then rate it...

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    I always press the 1 star.

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    why would somebody delete jellycar

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    It may have put a negative impact on apps in a way, but it would be only those frequently deleted, right? If you app isn't trash, it porbably isn't getting deleted all that frequently. There needs to be a "rate this app" somewhere in the main menu of apps. Something that isn't in the way, but that is more easily accessible than logging in to iTunes to do it. I know I would rate much more frequently myself.
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    I dunno, as for myself, Ive always voted about the OVERALL experience with the app. I have some apps that I just got tired of but only after weeks or months of using it. It has been a 5 star app and just cuz I tired of it doesnt take anything away from it

    Plus I personally never rate apps in the actual app store just upon deletion

    Oh yeah and some idiots in the app store give 1 star to apps thinking they are the highest rating.. :/

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    I have the maximum number of apps installed so when I clean out several less used apps, I may have thought it was a good app, just didn't use it very much.

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    I always delete app from iTunes.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    It may have put a negative impact on apps in a way, but it would be only those frequently deleted, right? If you app isn't trash, it porbably isn't getting deleted all that frequently. There needs to be a "rate this app" somewhere in the main menu of apps. Something that isn't in the way, but that is more easily accessible than logging in to iTunes to do it. I know I would rate much more frequently myself.
    More and more devs are putting that ability inside their apps. Usually look in the settings/about/feedback sections which will let you rate the app in iTunes. I think that is a much better process than utilizing a pop up before deletion which I am sure skewed some people to rate the app low.

    I just know the ratings are all subjective anyway. I hold reviews from my friends and family much higher than that of some nicknamed anonymous person on iTunes who I don't know (which by the way lots of the ratings on iTunes are pure kiddie littered garbage). An extra point, if someone managed to sound intelligent inside an iTunes review I might consider theirs as well but those are few and far between.
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    Makes sense to me. They seemed to be a bit one-sided since the user was deleting the app.
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    I don't think it'll change anything drastically for developers. I'm sure there's a better way to get apps noticed for everyone.

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