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Thread: iPhone 4.0 Dumps "Rate on Delete" for Apps

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    Good, I never liked that feature. Apple are probably just trying to increase the rating overall, maybe to hide the fact that 90% of the apps are absolute crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
    More and more devs are putting that ability inside their apps. Usually look in the settings/about/feedback sections which will let you rate the app in iTunes. I think that is a much better process than utilizing a pop up before deletion which I am sure skewed some people to rate the app low.

    I just know the ratings are all subjective anyway. I hold reviews from my friends and family much higher than that of some nicknamed anonymous person on iTunes who I don't know (which by the way lots of the ratings on iTunes are pure kiddie littered garbage). An extra point, if someone managed to sound intelligent inside an iTunes review I might consider theirs as well but those are few and far between.
    Interesting. Didn't know that. As for the numbers, I doubt that it skewed people to vote low. I feel it simply got people to vote, period. Frankly, I am far less likely to vote on anything now, unless it is just so terrible or so overwhelmingly amazing that it pushes me one way or the other. A hard push, mind you.

    As a general rule of thumb though, an amazing app isn't going to be rated 1-3 stars whether they remove the ratings pop-up or not. THAT was my point. A good app will be good, a bad app will be bad, regardless of the changes in how we rate. People deleting an app simply because they have played the hell out of it probably won't rate it one star. Similarly, deleting an app fifteen seconds after downloading it because you already realize it is a waste of your time is going to get one star most likely. Those are the ratings that I foresee largely will no longer count.
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    GIVE IT A 5

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    I also noticed that when buying a free app that you've already purchased, it doesn't tell you about it anymore. Before it would say "You've already purchased this app" and then you just download it again, now it acts as if you're downloading it for the first time

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    Good move must help decs wit their ratings

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    yeah i never liked that feature
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    glad. I always tap "no thanks" anyway.....

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    Yes I hate that rate box

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    I think this is good because this would always distort ratings because if you are deleting an app you obviously don't like it..I mean I even keep the apps I'm indifferent to, I only delete the ones I really hate..this should bring up ratings I think.
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    Like many, i always tapped no thanks unless it was great or sucky

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    Replace the old with the new? So you're getting Jelly Car 2? The first one is a lot better...

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    thank god that thing was annoying

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