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Thread: Report: Rumors Were Right! iPhone OS 4.0 Will Include Full Multitasking Support

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    makes u wonder---some say apple catching up to the jailbreaker hmmm....Or mayb its a move by us on the hype of forcing a jailbreak, & making apple unwilling to release the new firmware....Cause I'm pretty sure that if it was up to them, & if we didn't have jailbreaking we wouldn't be on 4.0 in the "iPhone Era"

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    Clever Apple : - lock down a crippled OS, in the certain knowledge that devs will unlock it and save them the huge costs of developing and testing in-house.

    And since the out-sourced development is 'unauthorised/uncopyrighted', it's all freely available to be pirated.

    Steve Jobs : - surely the sassiest digital pirate of all time ?

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    So, again Messany - strip this article down to the facts and it's based upon nothing more than analysts views, opinions and 'inside knowledge' - NO FACTS HERE

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    wait it comes OUT???? I thought it was just a review of it coming out later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonHC View Post
    i can't see multitasking happening with the iPhone 2G and 3G
    I agree. there isn't enough memory in these devices to have full multitasking. I am 100% happy with my iphone. Thanks to Jailbreak I am only limited by speed and memory. I can really only background two apps at a time and still have to be selective when I do that. What Apple needs to do is up the memory and processor speed of these devices then it really wouldn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashton Huey View Post
    wait it comes OUT???? I thought it was just a review of it coming out later...
    If last year is anything to go by it will be announced and the first beta will be released to developers, then a new beta every couple of weeks until the new iPhone is officially announced in June/July when the FW is released to the public.
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    Default uh oh!
    That means we might not see a jailkreak for the ipad or iphone until OS 4.0 comes out. I wonder will they anounce the release date also......

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    Will the new firmware be jailbreakable? As long as we have a jailbreakable phone atm we should be fine to upgrade to this newest software correct?


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    Never update until you here it's safe to do so!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    does anyone have a link for where we can watch or listen to the press conference yet

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    can't wait...finally all the haters and nay sayers can finally zip it!

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    I'm really not excited. After all, I've had multitasking for ages.

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    ummm where is the feed on this? I would of expected a post about the 4.0 announcement on the homepage by now.
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    Where can i go to get added to download OS 4.0?

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    Check our BST section.

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