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Thread: iTunes 9.1 Now Available, Earlier Than We Thought

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    Exclamation iTunes 9.0.3
    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    iTunes 9.1 kills blackra1n. So if you use it to boot a tethered idevice, don't update!
    Thanks for info before i syncing !

    I already installed iTunes 9.1 and want go back to iTunes 9.0.3
    due to blackrained

    Please give link to download iTunes 9.0.3 which I deleted!
    And more tips...Thnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamirza View Post
    Thanks for info before i syncing !

    I already installed iTunes 9.1 and want go back to iTunes 9.0.3
    due to blackrained

    Please give link to download iTunes 9.0.3 which I deleted!
    And more tips...Thnx
    Download iTunes 9.0.3 -

    i have itunes 9.1 just upgraded this morning, i have a ipod touch 2g MC tethered
    was able to use blackra1n a sec ago to boot the device no problem, all my apps still there

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    That's suck for windows user.

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    weird, but just tried to open Itunes on my work PC and I get an error 50 and unable to open it. I guess I have to reinstall the app. Hope my home pc doesn't do that. Thankfully I have an old bootrom 3gs

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    ok so i have a 3g w/3.1.2 installed. Do you think i will be affected?

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    I've tried custom 3.1.3 on 3gs, worked fine, no problems..
    sǝıƃolouɥɔǝʇ pǝɹıdsuı

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianlg View Post
    dont know why anyone would use blackra1n when pwnage tool is available
    Maybe because it requires a single click to jailbreak, doesn't require you to download updates, takes a fraction of the time PwnageTool does, doesn't require a restore, and if the only way to boot a tethered device?

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Quick question about Pwnage vs blackra1n....
    Can pwnage re download Cydia or Rock in case it crashes? I had a issues a while back where cydia would crash when i try to run it. I had no choice but to JB the phone again. With Blackra1n i can recover the cydia and rock app with blackra1n icon...
    I have a friend with a corrupted Cydia. I tried repairing it without restoring with no luck. I would recommend restoring the phone, but do not restore the settings from the computer (as annoying as this can be). I made the mistake of restoring the settings and now I have corrupted sources from my 3G (on a 3G S now)
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    Quote Originally Posted by H1J1NX View Post
    I keep getting these messages every time I plug in my iphone. Anyone else getting these errors?:

    When I click OK, I get this everytime:

    But when I click SYNC, it works.
    I too am getting this same error on a never jailbroken 3gs..

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    Wow what a false alarm...... maybe there should be better moderators regulating this stuff before posting and freaking everyone out....... Oh wait who posted these problems again?

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    iPhone 3g 3.1.3, redsn0w
    Windows 7 x64
    iTunes 9.1: no issues. Syncs just fine.

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    Ok, there's alot of info in this thread. This is what i've got:

    3gs, 3.1.3 (7E18), jailbroke with snowbreeze.
    running windows vista home premium

    Have ipad arriving saturday and I want to upgrade itunes.

    Will i loose my jailbreak? What's the general consensus here?


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    I've got an unlocked, JB (blackra1n) 3GS running 3.1.2. Mac OSX 10.6.3.

    Syncing does NOT work for me with 9.1. However the downgrade to 9.0.3 was easy peasy, so no worries for accidental upgraders. Everything's working as it was two days ago.

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    I've been on Itunes ever since 9.0 was released. I had nothing but problems with 9.0 or above! AND it was a pain in the *** to go back to! 'NUFF SAID!?!

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    am i the only 1 to realize that in the sidebar under library, applications was shortened to apps
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    Found yet? No

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    Well, I updated to iTunes 9.1 on a Windows Vista PC. iPhone 3GS, jailbroke with Blackra1n, untethered though. All works fine and syncs fine.

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    Default Will the sync problem affect me?
    I'm running an iPod Touch 2g, 3.1.2, jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9, and using Windows Xp

    I have not updated to 9.1 and I'm wondering if doing so will cause problems when syncing as previously mentioned with other devices.
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    Default Thank you for the info,
    Quote Originally Posted by nickhesson View Post

    NOTE: iTunes 9.1 on Windows kills blackra1n. So if you use it to boot a tethered idevice, don't update! Reports of losing Syncing abilities with JB devices are circling as well. BE CAREFUL!

    Earlier today we reported that iTunes 9.1 may be expected with the release of the iPad. But today it looks like the iTunes 9.1 update heard the blogs talking about it, and decided to push it's way to our computers today. iTunes 9.1 is now available and brings some new iPad features ahead of schedule, with the iPad being released this Saturday in the USA.

    While it's not exactly a huge update, one could speculate that Apple might push an iTunes 9.2 closer to the release of the iPad, perhaps in an effort to hide some features that 9.1 might have leaked to those sneaky devs.

    Nonetheless, it's exciting to see the iPad making it's way into our latest iTunes update.

    For information on the security content of this update, please visit: Apple security updates

    NOTE: No word on wether this affects JB users, but i doubt it. Take precaution tho.
    Thank you for the info, I have lost the tethering when I updated , and had to reinstall back the program , I also stopped the auto sync with itunes till I can get this figured out.

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    Any time Apple updates iTunes or the iFamily line firmware be sure to check MMi if it is safe or not before you hit update.

    By iFamily I mean iPod, iPhone, and now iPad.

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