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Thread: Possible 4th Gen iPhone Specs Getting Attention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    And only the for the price of two 2 year contracts at the same time!
    ipod touches ftw

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    I'm excited...

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    Livin the iPhone Life javiert30's Avatar
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    I cant upgrade till next year. I hope ATT release an offer to people like me so we can upgrade earlier, I dont mind If I got to pay some xtra money but not the full price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javiert30 View Post
    I cant upgrade till next year. I hope ATT release an offer to people like me so we can upgrade earlier, I dont mind If I got to pay some xtra money but not the full price.
    wait for the 5g bro

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    The rumored reolution seems awfully high for a mobile device. More pixels per inch than my MBP or the iPad? Seems unlikely.

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    That 4G sounds like a magic machine I'm still on 3.1.2 3G, want to jailbreak that 4G once i get a chance to get it, but we all know will be very lucky to have a jailbreak available.

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    Time to change I guess....hoho....
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    hey...umm you dumb asses...a while back there was an article on here and it showed a scematic of an iphone and an article about some random ****...well THAT IPHONE WAS THE IPHONE HD...go find it and look at it...its slimmer and longer the volume button is on the opposite side it is now wich is great cause now you can operate it (sucks for left handed people though) but anyways there ya wanna see the new iphone go find that article its from a month ago or so...and BAM new iphone look at it and look at the pics of the screen you see on the internet (you know screen digitizer glued together blah blah) there ya go enjoy ALSO note to the people who write these article..BE MORE ******* OBSERVANT

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    what's good to have high specs like that but no freaking AMOLED screen....I hate Apple. I will not even think of purchasing one if it can't be jailbroken. I'll stick with my 2g until Geohot releases the untethered Jailbreak, then it will be the 3gs for me and the 4th gen iphone can f itself.

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    awesome. hope its a worldwide release...

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    The next iPhone will be called the 3GSi

    I know this for a fact.

    How do I know this?

    Because my daughter told me that everyone at her school knows this and 600 kids can't be wrong
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    I was kind of hoping that apple was going to at least announce the software update like they did last year in March. We found out about cut and paste and all that.

    I'm very impatient and since I won't be getting an iPad anytime soon (I'm in college and I have a macbook and iPhone...I'm one of those people that doesn't really have a purpose for it, although if it had a tv subscription I would consider it), then I want iPhone news!

    Something I read about that hasn't been mentioned was fingerprint commands, such as unlocking the phone and playing music or calling certain contacts. That would be awesome!

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    Nice cant wait, my 3gS is going up for sale on June 1st hopefully i can get quite a bit out of it and not have to fork over much on a new one.
    Iphone 3G{S} 16gb Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by JA.3 View Post
    Apple needs to stick with an all purpose name or just call it the "iPhone 4" and continue in sequential order. I can't see them making new names every year for a new iPhone.
    In a few years Apple will probably drop the "Phone" in iPhone and call it something else;maybe "iTalk". All this will happen around the time Apple releases OS XI.

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    iPhone hardware spec seemed can never catch up with other manufacturers. It always looked so much outdated compared to Windows phones

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