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Windmeel, I'm interested to hear how well it works, even though I think it's outrageous to have to pay again to get the basic service for which you contracted.
I understand everyone's frustration but in my situation, what am I supposed to do? I can't build a tower for them right? I paid $150, you get $100 of it back via mail-in rebate if you sign up for the $20 a month unlimited feature. I have found that it works fantastic. There are requirements about your Internet connection which I was worried about since I can't get anything good out here in the boonies but it hasn't affected by speeds at all. I haven't experienced any dropped calls while using it and the nice thing is if you start your call at home, get on the road and still talk, it doesn't transfer over to your anytime minutes. As long as you begin the call at home its all unlimited. So anyway yeah its $20 extra a month for the unlimited but I just cut my house phone down from $31 to $6 a month by changing it to basically emergency calling and incoming calls. Only bad thing about it I can say (besides that feeling of entitlement about already having good service) is that if you're Internet goes down, so does the Micro Cell. No issues here