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Thread: iPhone 3GS Finally Coming to India

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    Default iPhone 3GS Finally Coming to India

    India has more cell phones than any other country except for China. However, the country has few iPhones, due to the high price relative to Nokia handsets, which have captured the small but growing smartphone market in the world's second largest country. However, finally - nine months after the device's worldwide launch - the iPhone 3GS will be available in India through the country's largest wireless carrier, Bharti Airtel.

    Apple has been slow to make deals in India, where cutthroat competition between carriers is common and profits are cut to the bone, leaving very little room for the types of arrangements Apple favors. The iPhone came to India only in August 2008 when a deal with Airtel finally made the iPhone 3G available to Indian consumers. But the lack of carrier subsidy for the device keeping prices high and the absence of a nationwide 3G data network (even EDGE coverage is spotty) have hampered sales. Apple eventually added a second carrier, Vodafone, but that carrier charges extra for data usage, making the iPhone even less of an attractive option for their customers. Also, iPhone users on either Airtel or Vodafone can't use Visual Voicemail on their phones, and iTunes is not available for music downloads, only apps.

    Airtel announced on Friday that it had made a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone 3GS in India at some point “in the coming months," without elaborating. According to the Airtel website, the 8GB iPhone 3G will still be available, with 16GB and 32GB variants of the iPhone 3GS, going on sale at the carrier's retail stores only.

    The iPhone 3GS will be sold without a contract, but will be baseband-locked to Airtel’s network, so existing iPhone 3G users can just swap their Airtel SIM into the new device but new buyers must buy an Airtel service plan to go with their phone. Pricing has not been announced, but the 8GB 3G model currently sells for over 30,000 rupees or greater than $700 US, while 16GB iPhones cost Rs36,000. Unlocked phones are available on the grey market for as little as Rs20,000.

    The only 3G network operators in India are the government-owned BSNL and MTNL carriers. The government was supposed to hold auctions for 3G spectrum licenses a number of times in the past couple of years but they have repeatedly been delayed for various reasons. Currently scheduled for April, the auction will award licenses to carriers, taking effect in September, to operate 3G networks throughout India. Both Airtel and Vodafone have applied for licenses.

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    iphones taking over the world
    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

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    Buying a factory unlocked 3gs imported from hong kong works out cheaper. I got my 16gb 3gs(factory unlocked) for 34,000 and 2g(AT&T) 2 years ago for 28,000. You do not get the iPhone for 20,000 in any market. In addition MNP does not exist in India as yet.

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    It's SAD!!!!
    One of the biggest IT Professionals producer country in the world,But very poor technology over there.
    The companies rip off the customers.

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    Glad to hear this because everyone should own an iphone (2G, 3G, or 3GS).

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    Yashasvi where did you pick up your iPhone 3GS from, anywhere in India or direct from Hong Kong?

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    wonder how they will sell...

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    india is the worlds 7th biggest country not the 2nd....

    try doing some research modmyi
    machines need love too :

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincebio View Post
    india is the worlds 7th biggest country not the 2nd....

    try doing some research modmyi
    7th largest by land mass

    2nd by population.. lol fail

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincebio View Post
    india is the worlds 7th biggest country not the 2nd....

    try doing some research modmyi
    Mate India is the 2nd Largest country in terms of population and No of cell phone users!!...

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    Great article.

    It's def an eye opener when you hear about a country where iPhones are still considered an elitist phone and not commonplace like in the US.
    #eli7e revived me

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    lets see how many people will actually buy one

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    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *exited*

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    Quote Originally Posted by avps View Post
    Yashasvi where did you pick up your iPhone 3GS from, anywhere in India or direct from Hong Kong?
    Locally in Mumbai- Heera Panna Shopping centre
    Imported phones both factory unlocked and software unlocked are easily available.

    Apple also offers me limited warranty on my 3gs since its from hong kong and its legal(although its jailbroken). They dont even know what jailbreaking is at th iStore...FAIL

    Anyways a majority of my friends either have or have had an iPhone.
    All carriers support the iPhone.

    Only setback imo is the lack of 3g

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincebio View Post
    india is the worlds 7th biggest country not the 2nd....

    try doing some research modmyi
    you could stand to do some as well

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    The title of this article should be "iPhone finally coming to India... two years ago... and still no 3G, music, or affordable pricing... and the only change is the availability of 3Gs model... it costs more but features still can't be utilized in India ... possible release on second carrier with even worse pricing and options".

    How is this news?

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    I just noticed-
    The picture in the main post is a 2g

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    Wow so if it took this long for the 3gs the next one might be even longer wow glad i live in the united states

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    Thanks yashavi, I just picked up my 3gs 16gb in Delhi for 40k, tethered jailbreak and unlock.

    Have a a 3g from vodafone and 2g from usa.

    Will pick up another 3gs when next in Mumbai, can you tell me the name of the shop

    thanks in advance.

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