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Thread: Novell Bringing Xbox 360 Games To The iPhone

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    Default Novell Bringing Xbox 360 Games To The iPhone

    Tomorrow, Novell is going to show the world a "new technology" that will make it possible for Xbox 360 games to be morphed into iPhone apps for gameplay on the ubiquitous Apple handset. At present, the iPhone incarnation of these games will be introduced first. Novell says the Android version of the technology won't be ready for some time yet.

    In this regard, Novell is picking up the slack for Microsoft, which has obviously dropped the ball with bringing its hugely popular Xbox games to the most in demand mobile platforms hungry for the titles that presently dominate the video game industry. Strangely enough, Microsoft has had no issues, for example, teaming with Nokia to port Silverlight to Symbian phones. But have you heard anything about porting Xbox games to Symbian?

    Didn't think so.

    Novell is clearly aiming to fill a huge void in the mobile gaming arena. And it looks like Microsoft isn't about to get in the way. At the annual Game Developers Conference that took place in San Francisco last week, the iPhone took center stage as the future of mobile gaming devices. Novell is rightly capitalizing on demand that shows no signs of slowing any time soon. For Microsoft, however, this is an incredibly frustrating situation, as developers continue to turn their attention in great numbers to the iPhone app building business. Just last month it was reported that more developers are now working on iPhone games than they are games for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.

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    Wow, That is amazing. I can't wait to see the outcome.

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    I wonder if it will allow you to connect to Live and play with/against XBox Live players?

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    thats awesome

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    its a cool concept but its a TOUCHSCREEN phone why would i play 360 games on my iphone when i can play it on my 50 inch plasma

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    it'd be cool to play them on the iPad but with a controller while on the road

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    This can not happen soon enough...
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    Does the iphone have the processing power to play the average xbox 360 game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggie81 View Post
    its a cool concept but its a TOUCHSCREEN phone why would i play 360 games on my iphone when i can play it on my 50 inch plasma
    when your on the move maybe, I can see this eating the battery
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    i love how no one has mentioned the fact that the amount of ram/processing power in a 360 is like 5000 X that of what is in a ipod/iphone.

    anyway you cut it, a phone will never catch up to a console. just look at desktops and laptops

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    If I cant sign into xbox live or earn achievements, than this is nice, but ultimently I dont care
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    This is huge.

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    this might apply to xbox live games like uno (which is already on the device)...but as far as the actual iphone playing xbox 360 games i doubt this very much as its buggy now playing playstation emulators...hell playing the n64 emulator is slow as hell....

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    I don't think this means they're actually porting 360 games to the iPhone. It looks to me as if they are just developing something like the slingbox where the game runs at home but you play it on your iPhone. Maybe Novell will host it so there's no hardware required?

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    How is this even possible??????? Will be a stripped downed version.
    It's like saying, PS3 exclusive games will play on 360 when they clearly won't whereas vice versa is possible.
    iPhone devs should make iPhone games into PS minis, would go good with the sixaxis controller.

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    Nobody mentioned emulators... Somehow I can't see this as remotely possible, but i'm more than willing to hear the guys out...
    I'm thinking possibly an app that controls your 360 and sends the video live to your iPhone? Thats the only way I personally believe Microsoft would not intervene.

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    touch screen controller? No thanks.

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    it would be awesome if they were like "oops we forgot to mention this is for jailbreakers only" and apple was like noooo and then the whole jailbreak community is like "hellz de yea"!

    OT: i dont really think its possible. i wish though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    If this means Sonic 4 on iPhone...count me in.
    Well, it has rumored that it might made for the iPhone as well.

    Xbox 360 games for the iPhone! The best way to eat your processing power and your RAM and make your iPhone explode.

    On the side note, I'll be impressed if it works like a dream.
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