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Thread: Are Verizon's New Commercials iPhone "Attack Ads"?

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    I don't know why everyone is freaking out about this. Apple does it to Microsoft.

    And I love the there's a map for that commercial
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post
    No matter which carrier is behind an "attack ad," I hate to see competition devolve into mudslinging, which is exactly what the "iDevice" mockery add truly is. Instead of emphasizing the quality attributes of a handset or its carrier, this campaign resorts to little more than simply degrading a competitor.
    Well I guess this is a good topic for my posting debut...

    Would you please compare your opinion of what mudslinging is to what the actual definition of it is and then explain to myself and the rest of us how that commercial qualifies as such?

    I am a rabid fan of my iPhone, but I didn't find one bit of this commercial degrading albeit I found the entire thing embarrassing as an owner of the current king of the mountain. Personally I'm glad someone is more or less calling Apple out on this. I am greatly disappointed in Apple for all of the items in the commercial except for the keyboard issue (though I do hate the permanent battery problem, I rarely have a phone for more than a year and a half tops so I doubt I'll really have to deal with it), and if I had the money I would run much worse commercials that actually attack Apple for the multiple fumbles they have had and continue to have with the phone. Just because someone says something you don't like hearing does not mean that it is degrading it just you're just insecure.

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    Here is the problem: they are going after "informed" consumers (read non-apple geeks here). Most consumers recognize the brand only and what is currently en vogue. The Droid phone does not have the cache that the iPhone has, nor does it have the immense brand recognition. Verizon is hoping that a negative ad will do this, but my bet is that it will not be nearly enough to compete with the iPhone on a phone to phone basis. People want the iPhone because it is the iPhone. The Droid phone is not an iPhone -- get it?

    They are going for the geeks who just don't want an iPhone. Besides that, the iPhone market share will continue to grow.

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    I'm glad. I was going to upgrade my iPhone from a 2G, but I'm so tired of Apple controlling things, I won't get another iPhone. I'll wait until a good Android comes out. I'm tired of going through iTunes all the time. I'm tired of waiting for the next jailbreak so I can do what I want with the device.

    Since I cannot get a 3GS now with any guarantee I can jailbreak it, I don't want one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
    Verizon is definitely on attack mode lately. Haven't you all heard the new commercials "There's a MAP for that"? Sound familiar?
    I took this one as an attack on AT&T 3G network coverage, saying we are better than you. I wasn't aware of the other Verizon attacks. Those would be kind of hard to argue that they weren't directed at Apple. This doesn't make sense to me because I thought Verizon was trying to position themselves as an alternative to AT&T when their contact expires with Apple in 2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reddawg View Post
    This doesn't make sense to me because I thought Verizon was trying to position themselves as an alternative to AT&T when their contact expires with Apple in 2010.
    I'm pretty sure that bridge has been sufficiently burned at this point. Verizon is throwing all their support behind Google it seems, and to be honest, I think that this will make a lot of people consider Android, especially since this 2.0 update that Droid comes out with is supposed to be pretty cool.

    Also look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3. Also running android. On a rumored 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Might be pretty freaking awesome, if they can get the touchscreen right.

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    If this is "degrading", watch a mac ad. The difference between this and the mac v pc ads is that in those (mac v pc) ads most of what is said is a lie. Enough said.

    For the record, I also hate Verizon, mostly because I have been screwed on a contract twice and they basically told me to go eff myself. Worst customer service of any company I have dealt with.
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    iReally like my Hero.

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    I dont know if this has been said before but people need to understand, the iPhone has been out for i think 3 years could be less. The point is that this phone along with the new Microsoft one are coming out just NOW. When the next iphone comes out they will make it better than their competitor. This is why you never see the companies releasing phones at the same time, they look at the competition then release a better one, now Apple is going to look and improve. There will never be an end, its called competition.

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    the reason they used iDevice is that even saying the word iPhone in your commercial advertises your competition.

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    This is hardly and attack add. It's very similar to adds Apple runs against PCs. As for the points:
    "iDon't have a real keyboard" - iDon't need one.
    "iDon't run simultaneous apps" - iT should! It's a freekin' computer. It should multitask.
    "iDon't take night shots" - how hard would it be for them to include a flash? They've needed one.
    "iDon't allow open development" - Apple doesn't. Where is the attack?
    "iDon't customize" - the iPhone doesn't without a jailbreak.
    "iDon't run widgets"- again, the iPhone diesn't without a jailbreak
    "iDon't have interchangeable batteries" - Again, the iPhone should have a changeable battery. It sucks to have to take it in to have a battery replaced.

    Hopefully the Droid will do all this AND everything the iPhone does. Maybe that will get Apple to open things up and release a phone that is already jailbroken. Competition is good and it's about time Apple had some. It can only be good for us.

    Just my humble opinion.

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    They are REAAALLLYYY pissy about not getting the iPhone the first time around and letting that opportunity slip aren't they?

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    Why is everyone getting worked up over this?
    Like people say - Apple have been doing their adds which are far worse for years.
    Android is a good OS but so far has been let down by hardware IMHO.
    For me the iPhone is just what I want - I don't want a hardware keyboard or lots of buttons.
    People moan about Apple controlling everything but if they didn't I'm not sure the iPhone would be such a complete device.
    I don't like the way they have such a downer on JailBreaking (there are far better things they could be doing to stop pirating if that's what they are trying to do) but that's their choice.
    We have a choice and when something better comes out I won't hesitate in jumping ship (so long as I can use it on the network of my choice).
    As it stands, for me, the iPhone stands so far ahead of the competition I can't see me changing for anything other than an updated iPhone any time soon.
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    The "Theres a Map for that..." ads really do piss me off, but only because it's true. AT&T has horrible 3G coverage in the southeast, and thankfully 3G was just brought online in my city, but not in surrounding counties.

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    Lol, iLove what Verizon just did. I'm going to see how iPhone 4G will be and 4.0, if it's still shite, I'm switching to WM.
    If Apple puts 5/7 of the features on the 3GS!!! I'll be happy.
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    This ad is very good. Maybe now it'll light a fire under Apple's *** and get us more features the phone should have come with all those years ago.

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    Its funny as its true.

    I'm on the last firmware I'm ever going to update to. 3.01 as 3.1 and above suck. Same with iTunes. I'm on 8.2 as 9 sucks.

    I cant wait for a new phone to come out. Sounds like I just found my next phone.

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    If Apple allowed open development for the iphone that would solve 90% of the issue people have with it.

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    AT&T needs to get some Android phones, and quit depending entirely on the iPhone. Give us some choices.

    Just my 2 cents worth ..........
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    Very interesting! I look forward to watching this product and seeing how it compares to the iphone.
    Honestly, It would be very cool if the code is open source, allows open developments, etc.

    I love my i, but honestly get tired of having to find creative ways to back up my Cydia apps, files, etc..everytime an update comes out.

    Here is an interesting ad I found on the android....
    Moto Droid footage shows Android 2.0 | Electronista

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