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Thread: Tethering on 3.1 - MyWi 3.1.8

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    Downloaded and used the trial for my JB 3GS on 3.1.2 (7D11) firmware (Pwnagetool 3.1.4) works great on my PC notebook and mini mac. No problems. The only thing is that $9.99 is pretty steep. I may just wait for someone to come up with a solution and donate like I have been doing since 2007. I would hate for the JB community to become like the Apple app store. I like the idea of donating (usually more than $20) for something I really like or need. And I know NOTHING is for free really, but when the dev's out there start treating their work like Apple, it will turn me off to their efforts.
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    brotherbond007: Few people donate Keep it up.

    All - it has been reported that 3G Unrestrictor may be causing a conflict. Can those folks who have been unsuccessful report if they have have 3G Unrestrictor installed?
    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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    I have 3G unrestrictor running. I have a Iphone 3GS running 3.0 firmware. I also used the carrier settings a while ago to add internet tethering. When I launch MyWi, it works for 30-40 seconds then crashes. A popup comes on saying MyWi is cleaning things up and then it disappears. Usually after that, my internet connection does not work on the phone and I have to manually shut down WIFI on the phone. I was wondering if this might have something to do with there being a local wifi that I join that it shows. ANy help would be great. I have uninstalled the app right now as it really is a pain. Hope you can fix it.

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    This is sweet, can't wait to download it.

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    This would be great if it worked.... 3.1.2 32G 3GS... I had to unload PdaNet and iPhoneModem just to get the WiFi tether to work right... always asking to re-boot the phone or re-spring.... USB and Blue tooth NEVER worked!

    I've spent 2 hours on this... Let me know when it really works

    Nice user interface though... status line could be a little bigger

    Yes 3G unrestricter is installed
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    Quote Originally Posted by psuskeels View Post

    All - it has been reported that 3G Unrestrictor may be causing a conflict. Can those folks who have been unsuccessful report if they have have 3G Unrestrictor installed?

    3gs running pwnage tool jb'en 3.1.2
    have unrestrictor 3g. when i turned it off in sbsettings, no difference was observed in the mywi behavior

    i really liked having this on the road and have missed it. thanks for working to get things back on track!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psuskeels View Post
    brotherbond007: Few people donate Keep it up.

    All - it has been reported that 3G Unrestrictor may be causing a conflict. Can those folks who have been unsuccessful report if they have have 3G Unrestrictor installed?
    I have 3g unrestrictor (3GS OS 3.1.2) and tethering over wifi sometimes work, sometimes it does not.
    Tethering over USB works, but breaks MMS.
    Below are my noticed bugs:

    1) If you enable tethering via BT/USB only, MiWi will overwrite the APN entry for MMS in the carrier bundle and will change it from wap.cingular to "phone". Tethering will work but it will stop MMS from working. Once you disable tethering MiWi will NOT change the value back to wap.cingular and MMS won’t start working again. The user will either have to manually upload the ipcc again or if he has “cellular data network” enabled on his phone he can edit the APN back to what it was. If I enable tethering over USB via the iphone menu, the APN for MMS is not being changed and tethering still works.

    2) Tethering over Wifi is a hit and miss. Mostly miss. It was working yesterday the first few attempts I tried using it, but today I am stuck between respring and reboot requests by MyWi. Even when it does work I can’t get internet connection.

    3) The bug stated in 1 does not happen when you tether over Wifi. The MMS APN is being changed to “phone” but when you disable tethering over wifi,. MyWi will change the value back to what it was.

    4) Sometimes after using MiWi. The phone’s internet stops working completely. I will need to restart the phone / MiWi a few times to gain the connectivity back.

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    Sound like beta release not $10 software.

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    I can confirm it broke my MMS as well. Easy fix is Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. It will cause the phone to reboot, but will fix MMS. This method is the easiest, but it will also erase other network settings such as saved wifi info. I guess I'm back to PDAnet until they fix this.

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    to all the people concerned about extra usage charges while using a tethering app, i can assure you there will be none. [this is no gaurantee] but im not in the gaurantee buisness just the assurance buisness. this comes from my personal experience with over a year of PDAnet usage and since MYWi came out. the bill is the same for me each month. im on ATT and it even shows my KB [rather MB] usage on each bill. so their computers are aware of the usage, but along with my ATT plan is a mandatory unlimited data plan. iSURF, iDOWNLOAD, iWATCH_MOVIES, all on my iPHONES tethering capabilities. iDONT hold back and neither should you

    hope this helps

    [edit] MYWI still on the fringe. using iphone3G 3.1.2 downloaded MYWI 3.1.10, still no luck.

    using PDAnet right now to chat

    Today, 10:42 AM

    All - it has been reported that 3G Unrestrictor may be causing a conflict. Can those folks who have been unsuccessful report if they have have 3G Unrestrictor installed?

    yeah im running 3g unrestrictor but not on any of my tethering apps
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    well I was able to tether with Bluetooth using MyWi 3.1.10 but not USB

    WiFi tether was flaky.. hard to connect once you switch to one of the others then back

    maybe 3.1.11....

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    I am right now posting while tethering through MyWi WITH 3G Unrestrictor enabling MyWi. This very moment.

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    had previous version trial worked pretty good for me, its nice the trial is reset a whole nother week! thats why rock app had trials to decide to buy them or not, so dont complain about it and since rock app latest update that syncs with cydia its much nicer and the entire layout is much cleaner too, but i do and always will use cydia!
    Quote Originally Posted by ??????
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    Talking Tethering option back
    for people who desperately need tethering!!! Read this! i tried this and fortunately after u uninstall or trial expiration of this app.... the tethering option stays ON iphone (settings>general>network). So either way u still win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaserph View Post
    I am a Rock user, purchased Intelliscreen and I do swear by it. On the tethering side I use Addition's iPhone Modem, same price, and works like a charm for me. Just another option.
    I'll swear by Intelliscreen. It is the main reason I jailbreak.

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    Does this work with the iTunes version of the 3.1.2, or just the Pwnage version?

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    Ok guys I'm back home yeeeh. Ok I just installed Rock My App and downloaded MyWi. I have to admit I do like Rocks interface better than Cyndia. Install was easy, did a reboot. It uninstalled PDANet. Went to the MyWi icon and turned on USB tethering as I don't care about sharing my inet connection. I haven't tried the bluetooth, although I was able to get BT tethering working before I updated my phone to the dreaded 3.1

    Then went to the network setting screen and sure enough the native looking tethering screen was back. Turned it on and connected to the internet no problem. Happy camper so far.

    Ok time to try the VPN. Turned the client on my phone like I had to do with PDANet and notice there was a new connection timer, ok that's cool. Tried connecting to my AS400 connection and it wouldn't connect, no joy

    So I turned the VPN client off on my phone and tried the one on my desktop and bingo it worked.

    Speeds were good. I should had did a test using both apps but didn't

    It looks like MyWi has found a way to turn native tethering back on and like one poster said someone will probably try to put a free hack out, but for $10 I'll just buy it after the trial is over and I've done a few more test to make sure there are no other problems. The one thing I do like about MyWi and it's native looking tethering is it allows me to use the VPN client on my laptop vs the iphone and the reason I say that is I had a user lastweek with VPN problems and I couldn't test his connection at work, with MyWi I could have because I would be able to use his client, PDANet I would have been using the client on my phone so I couldn't tell if something was actually wrong on the laptop.

    One concern or thought I have is, since MyWi appears to be a native thing will AT&T when they turn tethering on recognize it, someone said PDAnet makes it seem like it's your just data from your phone. I used BenM before I updated and didn't get dinged nor does it look like I'm going to be dinged for my PDANet usage. Just some thoughts

    After all that rambling. I have to say I've used both PDANet and MyWi and both worked well for me(no wifi sharing tethering only USB) and for my needs I'll have to go with MyWi simply because it's cheaper, allows me to use my desktop VPN client. I will test MyWi more this weekend and see how it fairs but after it expires for $10 I'd be willing to pay that for my stupidness from updating and killing my tether

    **edit to add**
    I'm using MyWi at this moment on my 2nd laptop(ThinkPad, the other is a Netbook) to be sure it worked with both.
    I wanted to throw one more thing into my mini review. MyWi doesn't require a client to be installed on your on your machine. Like i said I'm not sure if that has anything to do with fooling AT&T or even if it does but I'm pretty sure AT&T can look at the data and figure it out but as long as you don't abuse it downloading over 10gigs of data i think you'll be ok. The one thing I do like about the PDANet client is I can have it so that I have to tell it to connect for tethering, with MyWi and I haven't tested it, it seems like it would automaticlly tether whenever you plug your phone in, so I always turn tethering off when done
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    Working great on my 3GS. However, it appears the developer found a way to release the stock tethering functionality built into the software, added a lot of window dressing like upload/download speeds, wifi, and charged an exorbitant amount because people who want phones running the most recent updates may be willing to pay it. I am looking forward to some savvy developer releasing the tethering unlock being exploited in MyWi.

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    It works great on OS 3.1.2 3G both on MY Mac and Pc.

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    I wouldn't say that $10 is an "exorbitant amount".

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