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Thread: Adobe Brings Photoshop to the iPhone and Nobody Seems to Care

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    you say nobody seems to care that adobe made photoshop for the iphone like you went and asked everyone. what are people supposed to do when theres a good app out jump up and down and post all over the web lol. people do care its just not a big deal at this point. the iphone has become so advanced that photoshop on the iphone is expected by now. so people do care you need to take that into consideration the next time you post somthing like that.

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    This is a great alternative to photogene that has a few more features and options but has a price tag on it so for the money i say get

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    Honestly, there are other free apps available that can do more.

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    not availble in the UK,

    had to get it through **********

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    I've been using Photogene for quite a while now and it's always worked well. I downloaded this to test it out and am pretty impressed, especially for a free app. For now, I've got both apps installed but will see which one I end up using more since they're so similar. Perhaps this will force the Photogene devs to add more features to their paid app...
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    Default thanks adobe but!!!
    Its Photogene for me, quick and simple and does all I want for only a very few bucks
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    Photoshop for the iDevice should definitely get many more useful functions to keep the Adobe name in the spotlight. It doesn't do anything different from other photo editing apps. However, for what it does do, it seems to do it a little better than the other apps. I like the colored Interface too. Nothing special yet, though.

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    Some people can't be pleased. If they set the bar with a really good photo editing app and charged for it people would still complain. It's free and it does as advertised.
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    TRUTHFULLY, im not a fan of Adobe photoshop on the PC... i WAYY prefer Corel PSP, but even if they had an app, i wouldnt download it. In my opinion, if you plan on photo shopping a picture, get a computer. I dont have time to go one by one through my iPhone's library of pictures to edit. IF i really needed a picture cropped, i would zoom and screenshot, lol. I dunno, in my opinion it isnt anything to GET excited about. Im not surprised this app flopped.

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    ^PS is definitely superior to PSP. I've tried both and couldn't stand PSP after having used PS.
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    I looked at it as a method to promote more than anything else.
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    NOT available to us in the UK. Why? and how can people moan about a free app? *disbelief*

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    thought the app was great and the photos i have edited with the app have come out great, and its free so why complain, we need to be strong as a iphone family and respect our product

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    Quote Originally Posted by angiepangie View Post
    ^PS is definitely superior to PSP. I've tried both and couldn't stand PSP after having used PS.
    Yeah, ive heard that before. But i've also heard of people who prefer GIMP or Paint.Net to either of these programs. I suppose its all about familiarity with the program. I've been using PSP since version 8 it was owned by Jasc. The interface and shortcuts are so different between the two, i just stick to what i know- and i can do pretty much anything with PSP.

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