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Thread: Adobe Brings Photoshop to the iPhone and Nobody Seems to Care

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    Now Flash!

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    I dl it wasn't impressed at all, photogene blows this away! Ok it's free and maybe there's a fuller app coming but this programme is like apple, half baked hype promoted by the brand name.

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    SO to answer your Question (wich is very simple):
    Adobe comes ONE YEAR to LATE with a app that can do only half of the most foto-apps !

    Even its free, its definitlys nothing special. Sad but true Adobe !
    After over one year they could bring somthing better, even if it would cost one or two dollars.

    Some flipping and only a handfull of filters ? They know why the canīt sell this for money

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    Quote Originally Posted by petterloco1 View Post
    This free app is like a demo of wath is about to come. I know adobe is doing this to get us interested in the app, untill they finish the full version.
    yea right exactly we didnt mean to release a crApp it was to invoke interest while we "finished" our full version or while we start our full version lol kinda like wm6.5
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    Yeah like we don't all know the app store is full of redundant or useless apps.



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    I'm a Photoshop user. While it could be "cool" to have a full fledged PS on the iPhone, the screen size alone would severely cramp the productivity, most pro users are always buying larger real estate for serious imaging (both HD space and RAM). Adobe has been at this game the longest, I am certain though the iPhone has become a viable platform for most business users it is not, in it's present incarnation, nor will be, imho, a realistic platform for serious PS use. The iTablet (we're hoping for) or current hardware are better suited. There's a big difference in designing icons and themes and professional-level imaging work.
    Just my two cents...

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    Any app that makes everything black and white but I can pick one color like blue to still show?
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    I care. I downloaded the app as soon as I saw the post on MMI. I been using it. Isn't the photoshop as I expected. But overall it's pretty cool.

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    I found this app very useful!!! Can't complain when its free.

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    I'm interested, but can't get it because I'm in the uk

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    why are there two news articles?...

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    I had the idea that I would take an avatar-creating program and make faces of my friends and family, crop them with this Adobe program, and then use Saurik's "Cyntact" to put their faces in my contacts page.

    I may get it to work. I'll let you know.

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    I'm really not interested in this app...but what's with the title? It reminds me of a 6th grade essay paper. It's generalizing and unprofessional. Not to mention that the same news article was released a few hours earlier on the same app. I'm not bashing the staff writers here, but I'd try to go to the news page before double posting on the same news.

    Or maybe college is just taking over my head and I'm the crazy one...
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    I'm an expert on PS 4 and I've gotta say that this app is definitely missing some of photoshops most fascinating features such as, Filter and even text would be awesome to have! Yeah it is free and I do expect more from them, but like someone said you can't complain about free!!!!

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    i would like it, but itunes in the uk say its not available yet, bummer

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    Default Hmmm
    I don't care but it's free niceee.
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    Works great for rotating images. I like it and its free so who cares?
    Apples taste good.

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    people really are complaining way too much for something that's free. FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! I find it very useful

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    I tried it and it works fine...maybe they came out a bit too late but it is FREE so no complains!

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