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Thread: blackra1n Released! Jailbreak 3.1.2 For All Devices

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    took me a couple of tires but i got it to work by manually putting the phone into recovery mode before running BlackRa1n.

    for a refresher...

    -unplug your phone from your computer then power it off.

    -Then while holding the HOME button plug the phone back into the computer and that should power it backup. just hold the home button for like 20-30 sec until recovery pops up on you computer then run blackra1n.

    worked for me hope it helps someone else.

    **oh and im using windows 7

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    I've done 5 3Gs's. No problems... I am not installing Icy or Rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaugrana View Post
    Works fine but had 2 questions:
    1: after installing Rockapp and Cydia can I delete blackra1n from my apps?
    2: I. Ant get rid of the " five icon Springboard" tweak both Cydia and Rock say there is an erro while removing it, what can I do?
    Can anyone help with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arias51 View Post
    This is really annoying! I appreciate the effort and all, but a lot of people just got hozed buy this program. I've tried it on two different XP machines and Vista and none of them work. I think some beta testing should have been done before this was released to the public. There are just too many people with issues for it not to have been picked up on.

    Really not happy with my non-jailbroken 3g on 3.1.2 now.
    anyone complaining about a "free" piece of software is a sure sign of idiocy.

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    worked like a charm on my 2g touch... im gonna try my 3gs now :I
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Jailbreak went smooth, 45 seconds on Vista x64 OS - 16GB 3GS. I can confirm SB Settings and Five Icon Dock are not functioning.

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    I've not had any problems with either App store apps or cydia apps on 3.12 - but then I didn't use BlackRa1n

    Tou the guy saying he should have done more Beta testing first - as of 12 hours ago BlackRa1n had been downloaded over 1/4Million times. The failure rate is very small. For most people it has been a huge success.

    If everyone who uses it donates $1 to Geo he'll be able to buy a heck of a lot of bagels...
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    switched to XP and it worked, I tried Vista and Win7 for hours without any luck

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    What are you guys using to get access to the services.plist? What steps to take to do this successfully? Thanks in advance for the advice.

    Successful Jailbreak!!
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    Talking Worked!
    Mine wasn't working for the longest time, couldn't figure out what to do, tried about everything this forum had. Then I found one that I followed and it worked. Pretty much said this:

    Was working on Windows Vista Home
    1. Plugged phone in, and closed itunes.
    2. Started blackra1n. Click make it ra1n.
    3. Wait for it to go into DFU mode, when it stopped, i started a new blackra1n with that one still saying wait for reboot.
    4. Restart the iphone, and when it starts back up, click make it ra1n again.
    5. Once it did that, then I saw the blackra1n logo and it worked. If you have any problems, just message me, feel free to help out.

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    hi guys n e 1 know when its being released for macbook users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyread1988 View Post
    hi guys n e 1 know when its being released for macbook users?
    pwnage tool is out for macs...

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    when are they gonna put out the software to unlock 3.1.2

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    how did you disable it when your phone is turned off and everything and you can't turn it back on??? :S

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    Default Jailbreak maybe successful.....
    got through the blackra1n fun...wish i could give better advice to all except run through all the methods posted until you see GeoHotz's Elijah Wood-like picture looking at you.

    Hopefully Cydia and Icy behave too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by romeoz View Post
    Does anyone know if you can still tether with this 3.1.2? and does winterboard work? Thanks

    Most posts indicate that the phone's built in tethering capabilities were lost with the 3.1 update so no, buit in tethering will not work. You can, however, use PDANet which is a great alternative.

    One user claims that he is using tethering on 3.1.2 (search for it) but also claims that he did not know exactly how he got it so he can't really help out.

    Quote Originally Posted by jme2712 View Post
    I've tried winterboard with no luck
    Winterboard works fine for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMister View Post
    read the previous 48 pages for tips..... sorry, thats all you can do mate.

    Good luck though

    Genius you mean lol He is though, i have to agree
    yeah sorry! lol

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    To anyone else out there that may still care... I just got blackra1n to work for me after 24 hours of failed attempts and recovering the phone on vista.

    I just tried it on my xp netbook, to which I had never connected my iphone to in the past. I did a fresh install of itunes, connected my phone so the drivers would get installed. I didn't sync the phone at all, but just got the itunes splash showing that the iphone was recognized and communicating with itunes.

    Closed itunes, left every process running, and just ran blackra1n after "unblocking" it in properties. Five seconds later it was jailbroken. Itunes tried to give me some popups but I ignored them. Voila.

    As to why it works for some and not for others on either vista or xp, it must be something to do with your initial itunes setup and the first time you plugged the phone into the machine. I remember that my vista machine gave me the toughest time initially recognizing my phone as anything other than a camera. While the xp netbook immediately recognized the phone for what it was. Just a thought... there has to be more to this than just random luck...

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    Default Blackra1n
    the only problem i had with downloading the blackra1n was that i lost all my contacts when it happened, but the fix to that was importing from your sim card after the jailbreak, so make sure your contacts are updated on your sim before breaking!

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