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Thread: Move Over China, Hello Japan! Not So Fast, iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdc929 View Post
    cant u buy like everything just using your cell phone in japan?
    if i lived there i probably wouldnt even consider an iPhone either
    and i love my 3GS just sayinnnn

    yup almost all stores there and train stations have this sensor where you just tap your phone to and pay your bills...
    some of my family members lived there and they didn't have iphone
    until just this month where i told them to buy me one for it was free..."iphone for everybody"...

    last year, 2008, i tell them to buy iphone and when they get back,
    they bought this sharp touchscreen clamshell phone with a boosting 10.2 megapixel camera and now some japanese phone has over 29.* megapixel camera and HD video recording capabilities...

    about the strap thing and the phone accesories, i believe it's true that iphone in japan should have some case mod for this, most if not all user has strap hanging charms on their phones, and mind me, they had it not just one but several, and not just small charms...

    plus they found it hard to text on the iphone so i guess it would sell that much unless super mod will be applied...

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    Just a note to say thanks.

    This has been a really interesting and informative thread about how different cultures are developing and using mobile technology.


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    can the price going cheaper ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by engineer_pisey View Post
    can the price going cheaper ?
    I don't think there's any reason for the price of the iPhone to drop at all. In most markets Apple has no problem selling them at their current price.

    Going back to the Japanese culture thing. While it is possible to use your cell phone to pay for stuff, the only shops that have the sensors installed are around stations. And it isn't really used by many still. So while it is technically possible, I think it will take some time for it to catch on, if it ever does. Japan is still very much a cash society. They don't even have debit cards there!

    I remembered one feature that really sets Japanese phones and the iPhones apart. Something that almost every Japanese person wants in their phone. Infrared. Since Japanese people don't SMS and only email on their phones, there are lots of email addresses. Many email addresses are quite, well, unique. This is an example factory email (before the user changes it) [email protected] (I modified a few characters but the length is the same). And here is an example of a changed email address [email protected]. Now, when exchanging information, how likely are you going to remember THAT?! That's why they have infrared. One phone goes into transmit, the other receive, and they can exchange all of their personal info (including a picture), all without photo, or some of their info instantly.

    For most of my friends, infrared is a make it or break it feature, because it's such an inconvenience not having it.

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