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Thread: Vonage iPhone App Released; GVoice Still in Limbo

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    not really att is already making crazy profits from the iphone. so even if you dont use the minutes you have to pay basic plan+30dls internet+20dls sms or mms.
    lets just say it will gain less money but still is making akilling profit.

    pls compare with unlimited calls rates (is always around 100 dls) (att, tmobile even have 45dls for royalty plsn, sprint, etc)

    just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

    image via AllThingsDigital

    Having rejected an app for allegedly "replacing the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone calls," Apple approved an app that pretty much replaces the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface: Vonage Mobile, now available as a free download from iTunes.

    When the iPhone is connected to a WiFi network, Vonage sends calls over the data link, bypassing the wireless carrier entirely. When WiFi is not available, the calls go through the carrier's network, using up minutes on the user's wireless plan, and transporting the calls over the Vonage network to domestic and international numbers. Vonage users must pre-pay their airtime, though reports indicate that an all-you-can-eat flat fee will be rolled out later this year.

    According to an Apple spokesperson, Apple Vonage's application to be in the same category as other VoIP apps, such as Skype Mobile, that have already been approved for the iPhone. She declined to answer whether Apple considers there to be significant differences between Vonage's program and Google Voice... even though like Vonage - and unlike Skype -Google Voice uses the cellular network when WiFi is unavailable.

    The FCC is still probing a dispute between Google and Apple over Apple's non-rejection rejection of the Google Voice app.
    Thanks for the update. Installing it now...
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    actually att has had there app virtual recptionist on the app store before google app and it is exactly the same as google. Gives you a free 800 number and exactly the same as google voice. Its not about apple protecting the core its about protecting the cash flow boys1

    here is the link I may have made a mistake it wasnt released before
    AT&T Virtual Receptionist iPhone App – Perhaps The Reason Google Voice Was “Not Approved?” | Just Another iPhone Blog
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecd5000 View Post
    if this does the same thing google voice would have done then the only reasoning they let it in was 1. to get back at google or 2. they must get a hefty chunk from vonage. it just seems strange to me apple breaking their own rules for this and not google, HMMMMM?

    Thats actually an interesting point you bring up with the epic battle of Apple vs. Goole which got me thinking... Everything so far has seemed one sided- apple taking blows against google. But this may not be the case....
    We all remember the GOOGLEsense ads that brought about the rumors of the new macs to come.... Today...

    Hmmmmm... Misleading GOOGLE ads to reveil a new safely guarded apple secret.. Maybe. I never conncected the 2 until now. Apple may (and i hope not) have been planning to release the new macs till the holidays... Sure theyve prob had the finished product months in advance.., but these ads are controversial enough to bring a public rumor like the ipod touch having a camera (which had real hard evidence not just ads) that they fail to meet, it will destroy their image (that they care about enough to attack a fruit company)

    Think about it... If there werent rumors about the new macs... There wouldnt be much a demand for them..
    And right before holiday time would have a great time to announce them. Geez... If there was no rumors about an ipod touch with a camera, who the hell wouldve wanted a freakin camera on an mp3 player... I swear if no one heard anything about that they wouldnt even dream of such a device.

    I dont even know how to feel about apple thse days... All i can do is hope that cool touch mouse is coming in a few days.
    Wait if you unlock an iphone can you use it on verison even thou its not gsm?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rokesomesmeefer View Post
    Heh, figure this one out...

    AT&T Extends VoIP to 3G Network for iPhone - Yahoo! Finance

    I don't see how AT&T can follow through with this and not expect to lose some serious profits. It's great for the customer, but it's suicide for AT&T.

    I'm also surprised this hasn't been put on the main page yet; I would figure modmyi would be all over this one...
    hey thats some great stuff. Ant beleive mmi isnt all over it either- Anyone here wanna post it? (i dont know how)
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    Vonage app look just like Gvoice. That's mess up

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    ahh the double standards go on...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Guys, this is nowhere near what google voice would have been.

    There is no SMS, voicemail, blocked calls, tracking ect...

    Doesn't even work with existing Vonage accounts,you have to Pre-Pay to use it, and it's only over WIFI!

    So what does it really do??? Saves you a little money on international calls. That's about the only use for this app.
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    The app itself doesn't look like a winner at this time. Almost 500 customers rate it two stars... not good.

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    Doesn't this app offer unlimited calls over WiFi in the US? I made a few calls testing it out and the balance remained at $1.00.

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    I want the google voice app so bad. I am jailbreaking as soon as there is a way to jailbreak 3.1 (If there ever is)
    iPhone 3gs 3.1 firmware

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    Lol, there is already a way to jailbreak 3.1. I am running 3.1 on tmobile right now. Look in the jailbreak forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhunter130 View Post
    I want the google voice app so bad. I am jailbreaking as soon as there is a way to jailbreak 3.1 (If there ever is)

    I think this is already outdated but who cares, I love flow charts

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iCeDmAn View Post
    so you mean to tell me I can't use my existing vonage account phone number to make and receive calls. WEAK! This is a huge dissapointment.
    if i can't use my home account on this, i don't really see the appeal... i installed it and found out i had to create a new account, so i deleted it. skype is a way better app.

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    woah apple really hates google

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