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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    Default Cmbt
    CMBT - I'd love to ditch my wallet because it's like carrying 1 tonne of sand in my pocket. I'd use it to carry my credit card and id.

    PS (I love modmyi and i visit it 3 times a day every day)

    CMBT - I need the case because i'm like you i can't find the perfect case. Once I have this case my life will be a whole lot better. with out a bulgy wallet in my pocket. I'd carry my id and credit card

    PS (I love modmyi and i visit it 3 times a day every day)
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    CMBT - my friend dropped everything at a party except his iPhone last week.... including his wallet with his social security and stuff.... perfect gift for him!!!

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    CBMT - Very cool case. It's about time someone made a case with both protection and a purpose. What a great idea. Less things to carry is always better. Perfect combination for the phone that packs so much in a small unit.
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    Default Cmbt
    CMBT - Though I'd rather lose my credit cards or phone rather than both. Case-mate is most def 2010.

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    CBMT- I would love to have one of these. A lot of times all I need with me are my iPhone and a few business cards! It would be awesome to have them together!

    It would be like one of the great combos... Milk & cookies, peanut butter & jelly, iPhone and business cards!

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    CMBT - my ID comes in handy alot. id rather pull it out with my phone than to dig through my wallet evrytime.. and saves alot of pocket space

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    CMBT- #1 reason for wanting to ditch my wallet is my chiro says it's better for my back.

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    Im just posting again to say this case is a good idea and a good design. if i dont win, ill probably end up buying one of these.

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    CMBT - i hate carrying wallets.. My wife will thank you.. now she wont have to carry my wallet

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    CMBT - i hate using a wallet, but this may worth giving a try!

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    cmbt-i could really use this im always snapping ma cards in ma pocket

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    CMBT - love to ditch my wallet because it's bulky and make my asss look big

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    CMBT - I just carry an ID and CC anyways

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    CMBT - I'm not gonna beg for a case but I must say, the bulky wallet almost up your butt is quite uncomfortable. =P

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    Smile Cmbt
    CMBT well i am a college student and i have an iPhone and i like to wear gym shorts bc i like to work out so carrying a wallet is a hassle seeing that gym shorts have no back pocket and wallets are big and bulky. Thanks

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    they need a case that doubles as an electric shaver
    just a thought

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    CMBT - My iPhone is my online child, he's always with me. This case would let me focus on it and forget about the wallet

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    Congrats to tplatt2 and mtmckay for winning!

    I will email you both to grab an address (at the email associated with your account).

    One random... and this mtmckay post I HAD to give a prize too - "this would eliminate the bulge in my husbands pocket!"


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    CMBT - I want it ecause y dont like wallets...

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    I just bought my Case-Mate ID case today. If you use the promotional code: giveme20 you'll get $6 knocked off. I paid for the case with standard shipping and everything for $23. Make sure you pay with debit or credit card b/c I found that if you go through paypal the promo code only knocks off 20 cents. Kind of weird. I got my case in Metallic.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.

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