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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - honestly, even if I get this case I would still carry around my wallet (call me old fashion but I still carry around cash). But I have way more cards then I know what to do with, so being able to put a couple in my phone would be great. Like my school id and my driver license (I always seem to get into my car and start driving before I realize 5 min later that I forgot my wallet - such a pain!)

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    CMBT - My leather wallet went through the wash, and stayed there for a few days... needless to say my cards are now loose in my pocket since the wallet is now moldy and after a couple washes it still smells like death.

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    CMBT- this would be cool i hate wallets

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    CMBT - Ok well I just ordered a black one to be delivered to me in England. First time I saw it I thought why didn't I think of that! So simple but clever at the same time.

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    CMBT - I need that

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    CMBT - Sweet!

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    CMBT - i hate my wallet because i just lost it... SSN, driver lic, credit card and military id.. 200 dollar cash and all my contact cards.

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    CMBT - bye bye wallet and hello iphone. now i have a reason to pull out my iphone. lol. i hope i win one of them cases. i never like my wallet anyways. only item was in their was my i.d and my debit card. lol.

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    CMBT - I seriously haven't had a wallet for years now...
    have my id and credit card and cash in my back pocket...
    i didn't like sitting on my wallet all the time...
    with the new case... i'd juss put it next to my iphone that i keep in my front pocket all the time!!! hahaha...

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    yh same here that looks gd i want 1 woop

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    CMBT -) Love to be able to slide my phone out of my pocket without having to worry if I scratched the screen or not.

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    CMBT - The case is really cool and perfect for keeping my school id card and money around with me all the time. This case pwns wallets!

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    CMBT - Because my wallet is ugly.

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    Default CMBT - my pockets are currently filled up
    CMBT - I need one cause my pockets are currently filled up with crap girls give me when we go out to clubs... I need one...

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    Sign me up! I need a case

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    CMBT - efficiency, efficiency, efficiency...who wouldn't want this. I hate carrying around a wallet and the phone. The less to carry the less to get in the way of dancing.

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    CMBT-Not enough pockets, too much stuff to carry, but my iPhone is the most important!!

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    CMBT - Hey actually i should be the one who will win one of these ! you know why ? cuz i just lost my wallet today then i said : there a thing the iphone can't do, carry my id!
    With that case it would nevveerr happen again !!

    so please ModMyI pimp my iPhone with one of these !

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    CMBT - i would love to ditch my wallet because it's way to thick!
    Currently addicted to Modern Warfare 2! add me on PSN: A_Mexican_guy

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    CMBT- I just went shopping today for a wallet and I've wanted an iphone case for soo long! please let me win this contest!!![/SIZE]

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