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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - I hate carrying my wallet around all the time when the only thing i need in it is my debit card.. I would love one of these.

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    CMBT - awesome! i rather have this because i only carry my id and card around on a money clip! this will make life so much easier

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    CMBT- Would like to ditch the wallet because I hate carrying around multiple things especially when I have no pockets!

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    no words just anotha 12th grade student that's trying to get something for free

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    CMBT- my wallet is already thin, but it is annoying to look for it and have to carry multiple things in my pocket. Man if i had this, i could never loose my wallet, all id have to do is call my phone, and bam....found it =]

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    CMBT - this is a great idea. phone protector and a wallet!

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    CMBT, I don't need no sticking wallet!

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    CMBT - If I can ditch my wallet, I can finally start wearing the 1-pocket acid-washed jeans that I designed back in the late 80's! That would be TUBULAR!

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    CMBT - I've been looking at various different case/wallet combos for a while, but have never been able to take the plunge. They are either too bulky or too ugly. This looks perfect. Good luck all.

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    CMBT - It's my birthday on friday (10/02/1988)! I'd love a birthday present from ModMyi.

    Plus I hate carrying around a bulky wallet when I only need a card and an ID.

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    CMBT I need to ditch my wallet because in my pocket, it doesn't fit within the bolsters of my Recaro seats in my Saturn and I have to take it out to drive anyways. I could just leave it home with this case.

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    CMBT - Would like to ditch wallet for this case.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone posrjak's Avatar
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    CMBT - Wallets sux.....My back hurts all of the time, I love this idea. Please enter me for the contest.

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    CMBT- I hate my bulky wallet pressing on my butt cheek, and I sometimes forget it. I NEVER leave home without my iPhone, so if I had it attached to my iPhone I would never forget my ID(wallet).

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    CMBT - I never use my wallet and just keep my cards and money in my pocket along with my iPhone, so this case would be extremely useful!! It seems to be extremely practical and perfect for someone like me.

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    CMBT - This would be great to replace my wallet and hold my train ticket as well

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    CMBT-the wallet is to bulky in my pocket and i dont carry around a purse, so to just have it all in one place would be good, money and iphone great match.

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    CMBT - My wallet is old and haggared. I only need a debit card and ID. This is cool!

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    CMBT- getting rid of the wallet would greatly do away with the flattened right butt cheek and the constant lean to the left when sitting in the car or on a chair. PLEASE save my butt cheek.

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    CMBT - I hate to carry a wallet
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