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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT-i can use this case beacuse my wallet is actually falling apart and my iphone is getting a little scratched up form where i work(landscaping)and i dont want to ruin i could store sum cards in there Great.thanks for reading

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    CMBT - coz im a student and i need the 29.99 for partying and alcohol...

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    CMBT - I just lost my wallet too! Perfect for my new cards that are being shipped....


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    CMBT - I could now carry only one thing n my pocket just the Iphone, instead of a wallet and Iphone.

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    CMBT - Would love to ditch the wallet and save space for the phone

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    CMBT - My wallet is twice as thick as my iPhone - but I really could use a new case since I still have the original incase that came with my 3G. It's 18 months old and torn - take pity.
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    CMBT- This was made for ME!!! I've ditched my wallet already just by the looks of this thing. Who still uses cash anyway? Debit/Credit card and ID, all you need.

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    CMBT- i would love this case because i have one of the linty too-rubbery ones and im already putting cards inside it. this would eliminate the lint and the headache. Thanks ModMyi!

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    CMBT - When your fat like me, your pockets are already full. I can't ditch my phone therefore ditching my wallet in the obvious choice. This would be perfect!

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    CMBT - not only have I wanted this case since I saw it on their web site, I have no money in my wallet so, all I really need with me is my I.D. and a credit card so I can rack up the overdraft charges hah! I've been using my current case as my wallet, but the corners are torn due to over-stuffing and is barely functional anymore. Hook a brotha up!

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    CMBT - Dig this case alot!!

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    CMBT - After spending tons of money on other cases, I only have a drivers license and student ID to carry around anyhow. Would be nice to ditch the wallet!


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    CMBT- I need this... THe only reason i have a wallet is because it was forced on me by my spouse to keep me from leaving business cards and various other acoutrements laying around.
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    CMBT - Would love to ditch my wallet and make my iPhone my wallet + my phone, hey, that's means i have a spare pocket now!

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    CMBT - A couple years ago, I ditched my trad wallet for a JIMI; supposedly the wallet for people who hate wallets. It's pretty cool, but it's unavoidably still... a wallet. CMBT simply represents the next step in my natural evolution toward having a wallet grafted into my hip (with complimentary iPhone ear graft, duh).

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    CMBT - I hate my wallet, I always have to take it out of my pocket....sitting on it all day kills my back and not to mention I have having that lumpy feeling on my ***.

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    CMBT - Great product .

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    cmbt- I would like to ditch my wallet so when i go out with the wife i'm not having to carry my phone, her phone, my wallet, car keys, her lip gloss. with all those lumps in my pockets i look like a creature from the blue lagoon.
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    CMBT - i always seem to lose my wallet with all my cards and cash and some other stuff at the same time which is why i always have to cancel cards and wait for a new one. now with this, i would not only lose money and cc's id also lose my phone. so, give it to me. lol

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    CMBT- I would absolutely love something like this. Eliminate the wallet to make more room for the phone. I have forget my wallet at home/work, but i NEVER forget my phone, so it will also keep me from leaving my id and bank card behind again.

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