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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - I'd love to ditch my wallet because it's like carrying 1 tonne of sand in my pocket. I'd use it to carry my credit card and id.

    PS (I love modmyi and i visit it 3 times a day every day)

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    CMBT - my coworker got to talk to this girl i like because he pulled out his iphone. maybe i can steal her with this case =D

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    Default I love modmyi
    CMBT - I'd love to ditch my wallet because it's like carrying 1 tonne of sand in my pocket. I'd use it to carry my credit card and id.

    PS (I love modmyi and i visit it 3 times a day, every day and its my homepage)

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    Default Irrational fear of zombies
    CMBT -I basically want this case because I have an irrational fear of zombies. Hey I said it was irrational.

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    CMBT - i dont have any money, so no point carrying a wallet. and cant afford to buy one of these. so a free one would be greatly appreciated :-).
    Phone + driving licence in back would be perfect match for me. (here in NZ they were considering banning us from using the phone in the car COMPLETELY including for sat-nav even if in a cradle. how cool would it be if i could show the rozzers my licence pulled directly from my phone!!!!)

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    CMBT -I don't carry a wallet but if I did I would want to win one of these because a wallet makes your butt sore on that side of it and winning one of these would save that cheek of my sore butt!

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    CMBT - because i'm a poor college student

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    Wink modmyi = coolness
    CMBT - it hurts my phone's feeling to get scratched, and my wallet hurts my glute. c'mon we can kill 2 bird with one stone, and possibly save a cow.

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    CMBT - I don't use wallets. This would be perfect for me.

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    Default CMBT Ugh! Wallets
    I am in the Army and hate having a wallet and my phone. I don'to carry my wallet a lot just so I can have room for my boo (my iPhone)!

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    CMBT - I would love to ditch my wallet because i have a baby that likes to throw wallets away, this would help because i wont have to worry about ordering new cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post

    Up until a week ago, I didn't really use a case. I've tried quite a few cases, and for various reasons always wound up back at the case Apple sends with the iPhone - no case at all. Cases were always too slippery, sliding right out of my pocket, or too rubbery - bringing lint out half the time.

    Case-Mate has pulled me back to a cased iPhone though with the Barely There I.D. Case series. Not only does it protect the iPhone, it's major selling point for me is an added feature - the built in ultra slim slot for holding 2 credit/debit/ID cards. This case serves more purpose than just protecting my iPhone - it's become my wallet.

    And the thing still weighs in nice and thin. It's only 2.5 mm thicker than Case-Mate's Barely There cases.

    They're pretty giving, too - $29.99 gets you the case, a protective film which adheres (safely) to the back of the iPhone to protect from any scratching the cards would do to the device, and a glossy screen protection kit to protect your iPhone's screen. I prefer a matte screen protector, but hey... you can't have it all, right? The case comes in 8 colors.

    You're still able to access all ports of course while the iPhone is in the case. It won't fit in your dock anymore, so I lay mine on the table when charging.

    Oh, and if you're too lazy to run down to the store to pick one up (or pop over to their site) - we've got a couple to give away!

    Simply respond with a sentence (starting with CMBT -) telling us why you'd like to ditch your wallet... and Friday evening I'll pick a couple winners and get these shipped out to you!
    CMBT - My wallet is close to two inches thick with a rip for the credit card me lol

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    CMBT - because i am a sever at the local chili's here in Stockton California. everyday i leave the house i cant forget my iphone, my ID, my debit card, chapstick and my money clip. the problem is that everyday i go into work i deal with a lot of money i get when customers pay. i can't keep my cards in my money clip because they get in the way when i have to act quick and give change to customers, that's also the reason why i retired my wallet and got the money clip in the first place. now here is the problem my right pocket is where i keep my iphone and only that at all times so that it wont get scratched. the left pocket is where i keep my money clip and while i am at work i move my cards to one of my back pockets. atleast 3 times i have cracked either my debit card or ID because i forget i have them in my back pocket and just sit down in a chair. seriously you don't even understand how amazing this case would be for me. i owed the first iphone, a black and a white 3g and now i am a proud owner of a white iphone 3gs and up until this point i have never used a case but i did buy a nice slim one on ebay a while back ago just because i was so tired of seeing so many white iphones and i wanted to do something that would set mine apart from the rest somehow. it's like this case was made for me haha. sorry for the person who spends time reading this long messed up grammar comment but i really want this case!!! fingers crossed!!!

    did i mention that modmyi is my 1st bookmark and that i visit the site numerous times daily!
    i'm even a long time member who has been through all the name changes and the great updates!

    Last edited by ophdarecord; 2009-10-01 at 10:05 AM. Reason: because this site is the best!

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    Well I could really use one because I lime many have tried numerous cases and always end up back with the "stock case" as well. Not to mention my wallet was lost with my entire paycheck in it so I am broke

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    CMBT - Ditched my wallet at weekends months ago... been attaching my CC to my iPhone for ages! Though only with an elastic band... Hey works for me!!

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    CMBT - As a college student and military service-member, this would be perfect for social engagements/clubbing/travel and for work, since I would be able to ditch my wallet and only take what I need with me - my IDs and a credit card.

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    CMBT - Now i can put my Tap card at the back and tap my iPhone on the bus reader and everyone will be amazed that my iPhone acts as a bus pass! Theres an app for that!

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    CMBT- this is actually a pretty neat case...idk if ide carry somethin as important as an ID in there though...maybe a gift card or somthin sounds smart enough

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    CMBT - I would love to win this as my wallet is so heavy and full of junk this would enable me to just carry my drving license and bank card

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    CMBT- Looks like an awesome case..I really dont carry a wallet anyway,just my ID and a CC ,like alot of other users it seems..Would be nice to have a spot to put them

    From the looks of it tho,what actually is holding in the cards? Guess im just concerned that the cards might fall out if the phone is tipped upside down,in a pocket or something

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