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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - thats actually awesome! im definitely buying one if i dont win one here (lol)

    thanks for introducing this case!
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    CMBT - yeah,cool...i don't need to carry my wallet with me anymore.

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    CMBT - I need to ditch my wallet because I'm always pulling it out of my pocket when I go to sit down anyway whether I'm driving, in class, or sitting in front of my computer posting on modmyi. It has just been so uncomfortable to sit on my wallet lately.

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    CMBT- would like to get rid of my wallet because. whenever i ride the train, i get nervous whenever someone tries to snatch my wallet behind my back pocket. my wallet got snatched 3 months ago while riding the train. i just want something like that so i can just keep my ID/CC and put the phone in my side pocket... lol

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    CMBT - Finally someone used their noodle!!!!!
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    Default cmbt- I need this
    Cmbt- i need this because I like being on the cutting edge and this is it!! Hey after all I have an iphone because I like being on the cutting edge so why not have cutting edge accesories?????

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    CMBT- wow this is a really neat case and since i dont carry a wallet jus stuff in my pocket thid would rule i culd really use this!

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    CMBT - Because I don't even have a good wallet
    I would also love a case which can remain on while docked.

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    CMBT - within 2 months, I've misplaced my wallet 4 times and misplaced my iPhone zero times. With the credit cards attached to my phone, maybe I'll have better luck.

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    CMBT-I would ditch my wallet for this because i barely have anything in it anyways...also this would be perfect for the gym! thanks.

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    CMBT - Have you seen the Seinfeld where George has his obese wallet? That's how mine is. I think it's time to slim down. I also need a new case for my phone bad Thanks!
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    CMBT - Wow... this case looks great. Would love to have it because then I would only have one bulge in my pants! As long as it will hold my ID and a few bucks, it would be my favorite accessory ever!!!

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    CMBT- Ditching my wallet is great for going out and un-cluttering up my pockets.


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    CMBT - I could really use a case like this as right now I am using a metal case (for business-cards) as my wallet. But the metal case is making scratches in my new 3GS so with this new iPhone case I could ditch the metal case for my credit cards.

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    CMBT- For the people who always have no cash, and to the iphones that always have no scratches.

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    CMBT - with no wallet its 1 less thing to worry about. my iphone would be the only thing i would ever need.

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    CMBT - My wallet is just one more thing I have to find when I wake up in the morning. I hate waking up in the morning.

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    CMBT - This is great i dont carry a wallet i have a money clip, even tho i never carry cash any more it holds my drivers license and credt cards. This would be great for me thanks case mate and MMI for the great givaway's. Even if i dont win i gotta get one.

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    CMBT - Hate carrying myy bulky wallet. Often forget it a=when I leave the house. But never leave my 3GS. This would solve that problem!!!

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    CMBT -- i hate taking the risk of losing my wallet when i go out... with this, all i need is my ID and credit card and we can call it a day... if this was in the picture, the wallet would be out DEF

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