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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT -

    Uhhh... Well my Ducktape wallet is fallling completely apart and im not quite sure how to fix it at this point. This case would come in handy so I wont have to ducktape my DL and Debit Card directly to my iPhone. Thanks.

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    CMBT - wow this case would be perfect since most of the time all i really need in my wallet is one credit card and my drivers license.

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    CMBT- I'd really love to not have to worry about having my wallet because just a week ago I got in a car accident destroying my friends car. When I was calling triple A to come pick us up my already terrible day was topped off by realizing I had left my wallet at home and had no insurance or proof of identity. And did i mention that there was barely any phone reception and it was raining heavily?

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    CMBT - multipurpose baby. it's time to ditch that lower back pain POS in my back pocket for this bad boy

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    CMBT - I'm currently stuck with a old and ugly leather wallet because mine got stolen. That would be great to have something to replace this.

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    CMBT - perfect. I lost my wallet a few years ago and been carrying around cards and my they can be one.

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    CMBT - I don't have a wallet. I've been without one for a while now and my girlfriend keeps hassling me to get one because she's afraid I'll lose my money and stuff. This would be awesome if I am chosen since I'm in need of a new case as well

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    CMBT - My Costanza wallet is too fat... this would save space since all I need is an ID to get in, a credit card to start the tab, and my phone to figure out a way home... mmmmmm... irresponsible binge drinking....

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    CMBT- While my bulky wallet makes my butt look big, it just makes me look like a fat ***. Ontop of that... Wallets are the new purse.

    This case is suuhweet!

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    Default new wallet
    Cmbt: Cant afford the 30 bucks for a new cover, also need to get ride of my huge wallet. Thnaks

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    CMBT~~ I ditched my wallet years ago!!! tooo damn bulky!! olny carry my phone and a money clip!! would love to ditch the clip!!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Thanks for the cool product!
    I'd love a freebie - but I can also do you one better - Marketing. I'm the director of operations for a medium sized company, and approximately 1/3 of my employees have iPhones... Marketing Marketing Marketing! - I'm sure I could generate some sales for you! Thanks!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone drtybrd61's Avatar
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    CMBT - i've hated every case except for this one. this looks pretty pimp!
    Mafia Live Family Code: 143 035 642

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    CMBT - i would love to ditch my wallet because my *** deserves a break! specially when i sit down , period.

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    CMBT - wallets are so over rated and and thing to make the iphone that much better will make the world better =]

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    CMBT - I would like to ditch my wallet because carrying a wallet and the iphone is too bulky when you need to make a quick trip to grocery store, gas station or redbox. with this i only need to carry the phone, and it got the id and credit card in it. Just Perfect for me. Hehe.

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    CMBT - Why would I ditch my wallet? Well my phone costs the same price as my wallet (LV)... And quite frankly, If I had to pick from the two, I'd throw the LV away in a heart beat, haha. That and I never remember to pick up my wallet... Have I ever left my house without my iPhone? No... Would I go back to my house to get my wallet? No. Would I go back to get my iPhone? Heck yes...

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    CMBT - Can I please get one of this, my wallet has a few holes

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    CMBT- I need the case because on one of my skydives this month I had my credit card, and car keys fall out of my pocket, but my iPhone stayed in, that's why I need this case!!!

    (I have video of this to prove it)

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    CMBT- Ditching the wallet would be a good way to make it so I can see straight instead of leaning to one side at an angle. Nobody likes a man who looks like he is sitting on a phonebook. The case would save me some explaining to do. Also I think a green one would look darn sexy in my hand.

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