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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone metalliccornflakes's Avatar
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    CMBT - I would love to have this because wallets killed my father, and raped my mother

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    CMBT- Because I use my phone for photography and film stuff. I keep it with me all the time and I forget my wallet on a daily basis. With this there would be no more trips home halfway to my destination to grab my wallet. What a glorious day!

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    CMBT- Love to ditch my old rubber case for this one and wallet no more room for you.

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    CMBT - Nobody carries wallets anymore, they went out with powdered wigs. What you need is a couple of cards and you bank roll them and keep the big bills out the outside.

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    What's Jailbreak? Emuler's Avatar
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    CMBT - I need one, so that i don't get greeted with the " Do you have something enormous in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me" if i get one, i can finally walk with my head held high! Dooooh!

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    CMBT- My wallet is just too bulkey. it makes my butt un-even. with this new case, my butt can now be the same size.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone oldskoolkid13's Avatar
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    CMBT - I need one bc im always wearing lacrosse shorts with no pocket so i need a place to put my debit card and licsense- VIOLA! CaseMate BarelyThere is the solution!

    If I helped you at all please hit the thanks button 4 me!

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    Default Cmbt
    CMBT - my wallet makes my *** look too big.

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    Default cmbt
    cmbt- Im in automotive sales when im driving around with clients i cant always have my wallet in my back pocket. So having one of those iphone cases would actually be functional for me. Thanks

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    CMBT - Would love to get one! Hate carring around so many things at once! All I need now is a case that holds my keys too!!!!!!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone remz08's Avatar
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    CMBT- I constantly forget my license and leave my wallet around, and this would make me be able to forget!

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    cmbt- my wallet hurts my back, and I need a reason to stop carrying it in my back pocket. My debit card and id in this case would solve all my problems, and my back pain!!

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    CMBT- I lose my job when Century Aluminum of Ravenswood WV shut down, tired of carrying a empty wallet. The little money I do have, goes to AT&T.

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    CMBT - gimme gimme gimme gimme. ohh yeah. please...

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    CMBT -I don't run or jog but if I did then I could leave my wallet at home and jam to my tunes knowing I had my ATM card at the ready so when I stopped with the running foolishness I could grab a Grande Mac and people would just be in awe.

    I would be that cool guy.

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    Wink Cmbt
    As a pretty simplified woman I hate carrying a purse that seems to be required of the female species. This case gives me hope that I can still live the zen life and have respect for not carting a luggage back around with a few cards that have no money on this. This will help and be a conversation piece so I can get a job. Yes all this is controlled by what revolves around the iPhone. I need this case!! ;-)

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    Default case giveaway
    CMBT - This would be nice to hold my id and debt card!

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    CMBT - Wallet/iPhone Combo FTW!

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    CMBT- I hate having the wallet in the pocket it's too bulky. If I can just have this case I would leave the house just with the phone!! Sweet!! Fingers crossed!!

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    CMBT - We're going to play a WONDERFUL game called Who is my Wallet and What does he do?
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