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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - my current case is too bulky, and my wallet is over stretched, this would be good for me to clear the clutter in my pockets

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    CMBT - I have gone through around 7 wallets in the past 2 years...but have had my iPhone since day

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    CMBT- save me some cash since I wouldn't be holding cash with this wallet just credit cards ^^

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    CMBT - always lose my wallet...never have lost a phone!!! This would be perfect for me!!!

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    CMBT - I would like to ditch my wallet because I need to get rid of the temptation to spend. I'm broke as is, I dont even have a computer at the moment, I'm using my precious phone to type this, and I can't afford a case wither. I carry my 3Gs around in tissue in hopes it doesn't get ruined in my pocket.

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    CMBT because I have gone through about 7-8 wallets in the past 2 years but have had my iPhone since day one!! Lol

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    CMBT - Would love to ditch the wallet and save space for the phone
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    CMBT - This case looks badass! Plus, if you can use it in place of a wallet...all the better!

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    CMBT - I would love to have my DL and one card with me when I go to the gym!

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    CMBT - I'd like to ditch your wallet because it hurts my butt from sitting too long on it.

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    Default CMBT - My butt has hurt too long w/ my big fat wallet!
    CMBT - My butt has hurt too long w/ my big fat wallet! i'm ready to ditch that leather and get with the times.

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    CMBT-I can name many reasons for not wanting a wallet like they just bother when u sit on them, being bulky, old fashioned etc. but i will tell u something if i was to get robbed i could easily just hide my phone with my CC and ID somewhere and get away with it than hiding both a wallet and the phone.

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    Cmbt- this is my first comment ever on lol and it would be awesome if i won this lmao

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    CMBT-have a big iphone wallet case, only fits in ~50% of the pants i wear
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    CMBT - They look so sick!

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    CMBT - I have never carried a wallet and have had to replace my drivers license at least twice a year lol. here is a pic of my current one. Back pocket doesnt seem to be working lol
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone chbearsrock's Avatar
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    CMBT - I only carry a license and CC anyways...why not make life easier?

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    CMBT - , I' would love to have this case to help my back since my wallet is getting to be like George Costanza's.

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    CMBT my wallet is a disney cars wallet, im tired of it, its flimsey and my iphone doesnt fit in it! so i gotta win one of these sexy beasts!

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    CMBT - Would love to ditch the wallet because I only carry my ID and ATM card
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