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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - Because MMS capability just persuaded my to splurge for a 3GS, as a result no cash in the wallet, only the ID and insurance cards... Help me CMBT, you're my only hope!

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    CMBT - I would love to have one fewer thing to drag around

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    CMBT - WOW! This is an all in one! I have left home without my wallet but never my iPhone. This is a two for one...A true must have!

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    CMBT - Because I don't have a butt I sit lopsided due to having a wallet on one side, therefore getting this case and rid of my wallet I will be able to sit flat for once.

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    CMBT- I have been waiting for something like this to come around. i made one out of duct tape for myself but it didn't last long.

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    CMBT - Free is good.

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    CMBT - have had so many difference cases and hated each one for scratching my phone on the silver part but i think this case would be the solution to my dilemma as it doesn't cover the silver part. Plus who needs a wallet these days anyways

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    CMBT- I can leave my house without my wallet, when I am in a rush, but never without my iphone :-D
    Iphone 4G fan!

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    CMBT - This would be better than carrying my woman's purse!

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    CMBT - After Redlasering something for a cheaper price I won't have to reach for my wallet, ain't that nice!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    CMBT - I would love to ditch my wallet because it hurts my a**. I usually leave it behind in the car or at home and just take a CC and ID with me...this would rock and make that easier to do!

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    CMBT- I'm looking for a way to stop carrying a wallet and this case will solve the problem. Thanks!!!

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    CMBT - who needs to lug a wallet around when my DL and CC will fit snugly in this? Love the "regular" Barely There case and this would be a nice complement.

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    CMBT - I Like, much better than my wallet!!
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    CMBT - I need to ditch my wallet! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE FOR SO LONG! it got so bad i was working one night and asked a customer where he got his iphone case (it was leather and had a place for cards on the flip) This one is SOO much better. I hate having to carry arround a precious wallet AND a precious phone it would be way easier to consolidate!

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    CMBT - I would like to get rid of my wallet because I can't keep it in my front pocket as it can be too bulky, and the back pocket makes it awkward to sit down for any period of time.

    Please pick my entry. Burlap.

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    CMBT- Who needs a wallet when u have the iphone.. which is also a WALLET !!

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    CMBT - That is awesome. I was looking to get something like that in the near future, like just for the money/wallet aspect because I'm in college now and less in the pockets is always better. I have a normal wallet now but the bulk is a pain. If I had the case I would have my Visa my ID and my iPhone. Thanks.

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    CMBT -i need one because i have my phone 24/7 and i always forget my wallet

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    CMBT- My wallet is crushed by my fat *****! ha!

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