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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    CMBT - I would really like one of these. i have been pick pocketed from my back pocket where i keep my wallet about 3 times and have lost my wallet 2times. Now im always paranoid so i check my back pocket every time i stand up from sitting down and about every 5min when im walking in a crowd. with this i would have my phone in my left front pocket where i can always feel it and know if its missing right away.
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    CMBT_ because I have a bad back and and the nerve running down my left side gets pushed by my wallet and this would be nice.
    I love my iPhone Cydia style.

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    CMBT - I really want this case because I take my iPhone to school and I only carry my l ID and this way I know where my I'd is at. If I don't get the case I visit Mod My I like three times a day.

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    CMBT - I just want it.

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    CMBT - Who needs a dead cow in your pocket when you have technology in there already. I'm sure eventually our phone will BE our ID, but until then, I NEED THIS!


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    CMBT I use a credit card clip instead of a wallet, but I am tired of having to be conscious about which pocket I put my phone in and which pocket I put my clip in. It takes away from the joy of having the iPhone. I promised myself I would take better care of my 3GS than I did my 2G and 3G and this would fit the bill perfectly. It will prevent me from scratching up my phone.

    This is a case I can get into. It is very thin. I can't have a bulky phone!
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    CMBT- This is sweet, would love to try one.

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    CMBT- I am so tired of my wallet destroying the magnetized strips on my cards. This is an AWESOME idea that will help kill two birds with one stone. Sweet!
    Who needs "stock" anyways?

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    CMBT- Dude! my wallet is like 3 inches thick! My ***** is lopsided from sitting on it for so long. i have to clean it out every month because of so many receipts, business cards, and phone numbers! With this case-mate barely there, Bump, and the awesome 3GS camera, my ***** will become symetrical again! Dude! i hope i win because even though the wallet is 3 inches thick, there is no money in there........

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    Default case
    CMBT - I would greatly appreciate not having to carry my wallet anymore. I just don't have enough room in my pocket for wallets. I mean all I carry around is my license and money anyways.

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    CMBT cause I need a case and I have never won anything before. plus I could ditch my wallet as well.
    flat black, all floss, no gloss

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    CMBT - Could it maybe fit three cards? That all I have... Also would it desensitize the magnetic strips being in such close proximity to the Iphone? I would love to try one regardless!!
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    CMBT- I actually rarely use a wallet i just put my cards in my you can imagine I go through alot of cards

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    CMBT - My wallet makes my *** look fat!

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    CMBT - My wallet makes my butt hurt.

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    CMBT - I'll like to ditch away my wallet because I have one with a chain, and I think girls don't like that...

    JKidding! I'd still like to have one!

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    CMBT- Who needs a wallet when your Iphone can Hold your goods.

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    CMBT - I have washed my wallet at least once a year for the past 10 years, this would revolutionize my life!

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    I would love to ditch my wallet because i always forget to take it with me, and it has been through the wash twice.

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    CMBT - My wallet makes my butt go numb because it is the size of a brick... All I need is the iphone with this case and I have my business with me at all times...

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