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Thread: Case-Mate Barely There - [GIVEAWAY INSIDE!]

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    CMBT - Because one day I am hoping to pay everything with my iPhone, using it as a credit card....

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    CMBT- now this I could use... my money clip ripped the leather off my current iphone cover lol.. i hope i win

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    CMBT-I would absolutely love one of these cases!! I've used several cases and they have been either to thick or too slippery, and as a result of this I stick to no case at all, which results in unwanted scratches and dings.
    If I helped then hit the thanks button...

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    CMBT - I live in New York, carrying your wallet in your back pocket is dangerous. Getting pick pocketed all the time. This would protect my phone and secure my wallet at the same time.

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    CMBT - I wan't this case

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    CMBT-I all ready ditched my frequent buyer cards using the CardStar app. This would complete my bid for wallet freedom.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone FURBY8704's Avatar
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    CMBT - I'd like to ditch my wallet because theres no point in having one when i have the iWallet app on my phone =]

    Great Giveaway guys !

    iPHONE 3G FW 4.0 JB & iPHONE 4 4.0 READY TO BE JB=]

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    just great.. not only can i loose my iphone, but.. now i can loose my CC's and ID

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    CMBT- Because this is the first thing that made me register for your site! and I would make my friends buy it!

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    CMBT - I would like to ditch my wallet for the simple fact that everytime i leave the house to work or school,i forget it on the kitchen table.

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    CMBT - Great now when I lose iphone i lose my wallet too!

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    Default No more uncomfortable sitting
    CMBT - has anyone mentioned the fact that you won't have to sit so uncomfortably with one butt-cheek being uneven with the other because of your wallet?

    +1 reason to getting this and ditching your wallet I'd love one! Thanks guys!

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    CMBT - This would be great to use while out on the town to minimize the amount of stuff packed into my pockets!!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    CMBT- I hope and pray I wallet is so old..time for something new..

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    CMBT - My wallet hurts my butt when I sit down because it has so much in that I shouldn't be carrying around anyway.

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    CMBT - I want this case because I ALWAYS have my iphone, but often i forget my wallet! Not good! lol

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    CMBT- Want to get rid of wallet, power ranger pictures are fading and its becoming just a normal wallet to me now.

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    CMBT I would lose my wallet because I am a minimalist. I have went from the big and bulky wallet filled with #$%^ and went down to a thin wallet with some %&#$ to hopefully trying this!

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    CMBT - Lately, I've really been looking how to slim down things I carry, but I wasn't certain how to tackle my wallet. This looks like the perfect thing to use!

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