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Thread: Apple Investigating iPhone 3.1 Battery Life Problem

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    You know I wouldn't mind the ipod staying open if it would REMEMBER where it last left off like its suppose to. For the most part it will but there are times i will come into it and it forgets and starts from the beginning of my play list. Very annoying. I saw no real reason to update to 3.1 and I still dont.

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    i feel better now, since i know im not the only one whos battery is getting sucked to death like a parasite inside it, but ive had this problem since 3.0 and gone through 2 batteries replacements

    and i agree 3.1 isnt worth the update, no real changes from 3.0 well at lest noticeable differences besides the lack of my carrier being displayed after jb which is nice kindof, and always getting no internet connection on programs that arent even 3g restricted

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    Safari app uses so much ram aswell. I even considered using a diff browser & music player because of this

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    I must be lucky or something because my battery is fine. My 3G-S is on 3.0 jb still and I'm a HEAVY browser, I'm always texting with friends and reading emails etc. but my battery will still last a day and a half if I don't charge it at night which I normally do. Hell I'll at least have 50% of my battery left when I get home after a 10 hour day at work. I'll have to check what my iPhone says for the usage vs. stand by time at the end of the day and post it.

    I haven't used my 3G or 2G iPhone's much since I updated them to 3.0 so I can't speak to their battery life. Anyways from what I'm hearing I'm not going anywhere near 3.1 though. Apple needs to get their head out their @55E5 and get it right already!
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    Default Idle apps don't use battery
    Quote Originally Posted by iHawk View Post

    Since updating originally to 3.0, then 3.0.1, and now 3.1, I have found that the following three native apps do not stop running when you exit them, this is causing at least a portion of the battery life problems:
    Mobile Mail, iPod, and Safari.
    Just because a program is loaded into memory doesn't mean it's using CPU. A program that's loaded into memory, but not actually running doesn't effect battery life. In fact, it could actually improve battery life because it doesn't have to load next time you launch it.

    I have Mail, Phone, Safari and iPod loaded. My system has been idle for hours. When I look at the CPU utilization over the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes using SysInfoPlus, I see it was running around 1%.

    I find the various radios in the iPhone to be the biggest battery user. When I'm in an area with 3+ bars of signal my battery will last 2-3 times longer than in an area with 1 bar (like my house). Turn off the radios you don't need. I only have WiFi and BlueTooth on when I actually need them. I often turn off 3G when I'm in a poor signal area, and not using data. Turn down the backlight as low as you can stand it. I often run at 30% brightness. SBSettings lets me make all these changes very quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    One of many reasons why I will not upgrade to 3.1 (yet)
    Ugh I accidently did Its horrible to be unjailbroken

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    Yeah my battery life is ok, Nothing too bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Digital Alchemist View Post
    I have to agree with iRockish on this. I'm still using 2.2 on my JB 3G and Mail, iPod, Phone, Safari... and Maps, all stay running in the background until I use Processes in SBSettings to kill them on purpose.
    Thanks, and because there all Apple's applications there allowed to run in the background

    Messages should too, that way it doesn't take 5-10 seconds for it to pop up

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    i was pretty upset about this one too. oh nice graphic by the way. can i have that as my 3.1 battery? starts full and drains in a matter of hours.
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    I'm glad i didn't upgrade yet. I'm on 3GS anyway, so updating without jailbreak is forbidden for me.

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    Okay, I know this is kind of off topic, but does anyone know if there is a battery theme that uses images like the picture in the first post. The leaking battery would be cool to have while charging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spitzc View Post
    Okay, I know this is kind of off topic, but does anyone know if there is a battery theme that uses images like the picture in the first post. The leaking battery would be cool to have while charging.
    If your comfortable with SSHing into your iPhone, just download a default looking battery package and change the red 20% and below picture to that one in the post

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    I'm comfortable with SSH, but I wanted a whole theme where the puddle grows as the battery power decreases, and the amount of fluid in the battery lowers at the same time.

    EDIT: I made my own.
    Last edited by spitzc; 2009-09-24 at 01:24 AM.

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    Default Try doing a fresh install instead of loading backup.
    I had the same battery draining problem when I first upgraded to 3.0. My phone would be off but stay warma and I won't make it through the day even on standby.

    I ended up doing a fresh install of 3.0 again and reinstalled all my apps rather than from the backup and the battery problem was resolved.

    Maybe the 3.1 users can try this.

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    Battery life ain't too shabby..

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    One of many reasons why I will not upgrade to 3.1 (yet)
    i recently upgraded to 3.1 and my battery has improved between 10 - 20 %, and it's jailbroken and i leave my 3G and WiFi on all the time.

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    Restore (SET UP AS NEW IPHONE ) SSH and just back all your **** out then restore using 3.0 firmware and 8.2 itunes use redsn0w 0.8 only install Cydia not icy trust me then when your iphone is complete everything should work perfect if you run into an issue during jailbreak with redsn0w 0.8 and gets stuck on patching Kernal reatore again you did not follow the dfu setup correctly trust me do it over restore and try again 3g users experience a lil lag when opening apps but well worth it hope that helps

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    i did what you said and fixed the problem man, thank god, thanks so much and i thought i was gonna' have to get a new phone. tested the battery all day and lasted me from 4pm till 130am from only 52% filled with normal phone and text use and listening to music from about 940ish till 130

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    The coma issue is not only ******* annoying having to restart my phone, I'm noticing the coma issue when it hits when I'm locked is the major cause of my batter drain.

    I had a coma lock earlier today and it drained about 80% in 4 hours as a black screen.

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    Well I went for 3.1 this friday and so far, battery consuption is a little bit below average, but my problem is with WIFI, my 3G doesn't stay in WIFI. Even using it, after a few minutes it change to 3G or Edge and does not find any WIFI, and the router is just 8' away, didnt have this problem in 3.0 or 3.0.1, WIFI use to stay conected all night and till u exit the house... Can anyone explain what is the issue with wifi and bluetooth?

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