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Thread: iPhone 3.1 "Coma Mode" Reports Mount, Apple Silent

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    I had issues with coma mode on my iphone and I did do the clean install without using restoration part. Again, it didnt resolve..

    But right now, I dont know if it actually is an issue with Auto-Lock. Normally it was set at one minute and I did toggle the selection to 2 minutes. Since before noon, it hasnt gone into coma mode and not sure it has something to do with pre configured selection of Auto-Lock.

    But I already opened a ticket with Apple using They did ask me to send them a log using iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) where you can download from Apple.

    Lets see doing configuration on Auto-Lock part would do the trick. Try and let me know.


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    The only problem I've faced on 3.1 is the phone app crapping out on me until I reboot

    If I don't reboot and try to call with it, I can't hear the other person or the call never connects.

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    I'm still having the problem. I upgraded my 3G on Friday, didn't know anything was wrong until Saturday and the problem is reoccuring today twice. It seems the phone goes into a coma if it goes into sleep mode for more than an hour. It's really p**sing me off! I've missed important phone calls behind this crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomieG35 View Post
    I use my iPhone in a clinical setting that requires a certain program be installed on our PDAs. I cannot have my phone in a comatose state while trying to chart data of a coma patient. Nothing more frusterating.

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    I've had it happen twice now. Both times as I locked my phone. It then wouldn't never come back from the lock. Just stayed on the black screen. I had to perform a reboot each time to get my phone back. Very annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuty_kamu View Post
    i think this coma mode only jail-breakers are getting it... i'm using official unlocked iphone which i bought from hongkong is working exactly fine as i have not jailbreak my phone.
    Definetly not just JB having probs. Mine is a 3G, not JB anymore and I've had this issue since upgrading FW. I have had several instances where I cannot dial, text, etc. If you call the phone it will eventually go to voicemail just as if I didn't answer. On occasion if I put the phone to sleep then hit the home button, I get nothing. The only way I've found to fix the problem is holding home/power to reboot. Just holding power to try and turn off gets no response either. My wife has a 3Gs and same upgrades, non JB, and has had no issues at all.

    I've called at&t once, and got the usual BS, turn off, remove sim card, blah, blah, blah.... We'll see shortly how the second call goes as I have had to reboot already this a.m.

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    My wife has a 3G on 3.0 JB and it has now started to display these symptoms as well

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    Trying to downgrade but having issues running iRecovery for windows. My iss is that when i install iRecovery i lose ALL usb functions. Mouse stops working, no sound from speakers etc... Anyone one running windows have this problem and if so how did you correct it. Thanks ALOT in advance

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    I've been getting this recently with plain-Jane FW3.0. I lock the phone and see the animated "shine" on the "slide to unlock" text but it will not respond. I can press sleep/lock twice and sometimes it will respond then but, often times, it requires more than that (another sleep/lock cycle or a power cycle).

    It has nothing to do with a screen protector or an errant touch on the multitouch touch screen. Which reminds me... I'm kinda pissed off that multitouch confuses the slider lock screen. I mean, isn't that kinda thing what multitouch is for?! My finger on the side of the phone from the hand holding it should not affect the interaction my other finger has with the slider.

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    for once it pays to have a 3GS
    think i might completely ignore this update even when JB comes out

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    i now have 3.1.2 and have had no "Coma mode" issues yet has anybody else still been having them?

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