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Thread: iPhone 3.1 "Coma Mode" Reports Mount, Apple Silent

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    ever since i updated to the 3.1 my iphone will shut down in sleep mode and just have a black screen and become unresponsive and i have to reboot. it happens about 4 times a day. this really sucks

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    it happened to my fiancée i made an appointment with apple. they diagnosed it went to the back and came back with a new iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by gthugballin View Post
    Now that I think of it I have had this problem. But it was never to big a deal for me. Maybe I should take it to apple and just get a new phone lol.
    Dude, i was thinking the EXACT same thing. I mean, my phone has frozen on me a few times, (my old 3G used to do so occasionally), so im kinda supprised at this uproar, but i have to say that since i upgraded to 3.1 i've have plenty of other issues.

    With 3.1 on my 3GS ive had a lot of problems with the iPod portion of the phone. When playing genius mixes i ask what song is playing and it is rarely accurate, it usually names the first song of my last playlist or something. And often the pauses / play button changes symbols but doesnt actually stop or start my music. Additionally, the volume bar has been tripping (only since 3.1!) and when i change the volume (physically or touch-screenally) it jerks back and forth too max volume- ANNOYING!

    I really don't know if this is related but if other people have had problems like these, let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

    Apple's support forums are humming with reports of iPhones gone non-responsive after their owners upgraded to version 3.1 of the firmware, and users are growing increasingly restive at Apple's steadfast denial that any bug exists. When the error occurs, the iPhone isplay appears to be functional, but does not react to any input on the touch screen or external buttons, and needs a hard power cycle and reboot before it will work again. The problem - dubbed "Coma Mode" for the phone's complete lack of interactivity when it gets in this state - has been noted sometimes when the phone has been put to sleep, sometimes when it's locked, and sometimes at completely random moments.

    One user brought his 3G in for service at the Apple Store, where they promptly tried to sell him a 3GS. However, he got a mixed message from the Genius Bar tech, who gave him an interesting mix of party line and good guidance:
    Fairly consistent reports show that rolling back to 3.01 resolves all "Coma" issues, a strong indication that the problem has to do with the new firmware.

    Problems that can't be easily replicated are definitely frustrating to developers, and it's understandable that companies may not want to allocate resources to chase down a problem that may not be a problem after all. However, customer perception still has dollars-and-cents value, and Apple should be cognizant of the price they pay when polls like this one start cropping up on websites:

    Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so is there any consistency in when and how it appears?
    lol he spelled display wrong

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    Default iPhone 2G/3G using firmware 3.1 can rollback to firmware 3.0
    If you want to rollback to firmware 3.0 from 3.1 for iPhone 2G and 3G, you could use the tutorial in English at which will give you sufficient information and video on how to do it on a Mac. No PC currently. With 3.0 you could later upgrade to 3.0.1 as well. Good luck.
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    Or you could use tutorials on ModMyi - why recommend another site?
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    Default Downgrade 3.1 to 3.0 tutorial
    I simply couldn't find the tutorial at for downgrading iPhone 3G. Could you? Thanks. If you want it, I will delete my post.
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    this kind of happens for me on 3.0 so i wonder if it was already a problem and just escalated from there.

    every once in a while my screen will become unresponsive in certain areas (random) and i have to go into sbprefs and respring or reboot the phone. its ridiculously annoying.

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    mine does this crap randomly

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    I LOVE my 3GS's speed to death, but the fact that a jailbreak hasn't arisen yet scares me bigtime..

    What do you mean "a jailbreak hasn't arisen yet"? You know you can jailbreak 3.01 with redsn0w, right?


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    My 3GS is still on 3.0, and NOT jailbroken.

    My screen will fail to light up for an incoming call. Happens a lot. Pressing the home button fixes.

    Battery life is poor. I think this is an OS issue as well.

    I dont get any freezes or the coma mode.

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    Anyone else find it rediculous that after experiencing this problem my first instinct is:

    "Damn... i hope saurik will be able to fix this soon"

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    i am a victim on coma mode at LEAST 3-4x a DAY. I hate it so much and my warrenty expired in the end of july..of course

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    Ahhhh, that explains a lot. Mine's been doing this for a little while now. I thought it was hardware related and was getting ready to take it in to Apple. But seeing that it is software related I guess that won't do me any good. Mine goes coma atleast once a day, it gets stuck with the screen off, usually after I lock it with the power button. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, before it starts to agitate me.
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    How i get to this problem is i install 7 things/themes/apps that require a hard respring every time. then, i do a soft respring and i get to the unresponsiveness. i have to hard reset it after that. i have noticed this all throughout 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0, 3.1. no 3.0.1. dunno why...

    i gotz this whole coding thing down

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    I use my iPhone in a clinical setting that requires a certain program be installed on our PDAs. I cannot have my phone in a comatose state while trying to chart data of a coma patient. Nothing more frusterating.

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    ^Wouldn't you just need a second iPhone to chart the data of your first one?
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have a 3gs jb im on 3.0 fm and i have no intention of upgrading to 3.1. My phone is working great, I even hit the button on itunes to never ask me again to do the 3.1 update when I sync. Couldn't live w/o a jb iphone. I find when I use a gps on the phone that it drains the battery quickly.

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    **** APPLE AND ALL THEIR GOD DAMN ********. I upgraded to 3.1 so the bugs of 3.0 were fixed. But guess what, NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED! BATTERY STILL BLOWS, BLUETOOTH WITH WIFI ON STILL HAS PROBLEMS, and I'm sure people are sharing this anger with me. Apple is multi-million dollar corporation that has the ability to fix these bugs yet they are dropping the ball here. As soon as a good android phone comes out, I'm buying that. I am more than done dealing with all of apples ********. I love my iPhone, but apple completely ruins the whole user experience.

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    ^The love/hate relationship continues

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