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Thread: iPhone 3.1 "Coma Mode" Reports Mount, Apple Silent

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    Wow, this just amazes me. The iPhone can do so many amazing things, but something like a call coming in when you're in sleep mode can screw it up. Makes you wonder why Apple doesn't spend a little more time on the basic things.

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    ummm.... I thought you weren't able to "roll-back" to 3.0 once you install 3.1???!
    I'm really starting to believe that I may never upgrade my 3GS from 3.0! There's no sign of a jailbreak, and now this crap??
    u can got back in the fw u didnt c the guide?
    and 3.1 can already b jailbroken

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    so coma mode is when the phone suddenly wont wake up / interact even when I try to wake the phone when I push the home / power button? cause if that is.. damn, it just happened.. after a few sec, its working again, but I notice that it lagged and network disconnecte and reconnected back

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    Any word on whether or not this affects ipod touches?

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    i get it on 3.0 all the time on my 3gs. its almost every time i try to use the phone and its really pissing me off

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    Once iPod touch 2g 3.1 jailbreak comes out, I'll test it for myself. In the mean time, someone needs to log memory usage and stuff like that in the background (something like syslog) and figure out the problem

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    Ignore.... I should read first, open mouth later.


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    Mine does this also, except it takes screen shots constantly for about a minute. Then it will finally become ressponsive again..

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    That REALLY sucks. Why did Apple do this? Hope it doesn't happen to iPod touch users.
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    I thought I was the only one who had this problem.

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    I updated last week to a custom 3.1 (i'm on windows) and actually think my phone is more responsive and faster to open programs now. My only gripe is that I can't get cydia to load all my sources.

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    OT, but I have a 3GS on 3.0.1 and bought it the day Apple stopped signing the 3.0 files.. I LOVE my 3GS's speed to death, but the fact that a jailbreak hasn't arisen yet scares me bigtime.. I couldn't believe it when I found out I couldn't even restore due to missing Saurik's window. Simply incredible.

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    i think this coma mode only jail-breakers are getting it... i'm using official unlocked iphone which i bought from hongkong is working exactly fine as i have not jailbreak my phone.

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    ive had problems like this on 3.0 and 3.0.1 like many others said ive put in sleep mode and nothing would happen my home button would do nothing and the same with power button and if something would happen my touch screen was unresponsive until i would hard reset the phone.
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    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    well this explains it all, ive had an iphone for 2 years now and i had a buddy complain that his phone was going into "coma mode" , i told him to make an appointment with apple because the iphones are known to have serious hardware thanks for the update guys, ill be sure to tell all i know NOT to go to 3.1 yet =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papahug View Post
    I updated last week to a custom 3.1 (i'm on windows) and actually think my phone is more responsive and faster to open programs now. My only gripe is that I can't get cydia to load all my sources.
    That's been happening to me on 3.0.1 as well for the past two or three days.

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    my also has done this a few time but only whenthe phone is asleep or locked and i get a call i am unable to slide to answer hmmmmm

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    This Happened To My iPod Yesterday But I Don't Know If Its The Same Thing Since Its On The iPod And Not The iPhone. Same Exact Issue Tho And The Hard Reboot Lagged! I Thought It Crashed. Which Would Suck After Upgrading To iTunes 9 It No Longer Works At All (iTunes In General) And I Wouldn't Be Able To Restore Or Backup. Any Advise On Either One? iPod And My iTunes Issue? Many Others Have The Same Problem On Apple Discussions, Yet They Deny Any Issue, Blaming My Computer. APPLE IS MAKING ME UNHAPPY AND I MIGHT BE CONSIDERING A ZUNE HD IN A FEW DAYS IF APPLE CANT FIX EITHER ISSUE. I REALLY CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO MY IPOD. CANT ADD NEW MUSIC, VIDEOS, BACKUP, RESTORE, ETC!!!

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    Happens to me a few times a day.

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    Well if you want another iPhone this might be the best time to do it before hoards of people start doing it and they just start downgrading you.

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