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Thread: Apple is Aces in Asia

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    WSJ fail.

    They should realize that iPhone targets the top phone market. Apple wanted 1% global market so 0.6% of Asian market is not bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by JustinPizzle View Post
    actually kinda looks cool.
    so i didnt understand, is that how their iphone really looks?
    whats the purpose for the other buttons?
    As others mention that's a knockoff. Plastic screen, crap display, no multi touch, very slow processor, lots of bugs. The windows only low IQ guy at work bought one, it died in a month, and guess what, no warranty.

    Quote Originally Posted by ch0b1ts View Post
    While Apple has the best multitouch display and interface IMO, it still doesn't hold a candle to the tech in my girlfriend's JPhone. She has a Sharp 933SH.

    I'm really not sure why the Japanese buy iPhones when you can get something like the 933SH which has 10MPixel Camera, HDTV, DVR Capability, GPS/Nav, 16GB internal, MicroSD Card Slot for even more storage, some awesome game downloads, and many other features all for a lower price.
    Features =/= usability.

    That's why people use iPhone. The features are actually accessible on the iPhone.

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    Clone or not I had to take a closer look at that phone but as stated in a previous post those buttons are useless. Buttons on a touch screen, hey that's an oxymoron!
    Quote Originally Posted by ??????
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    Over a billion new people now to try to help Saurik and the Dev-Team crack 3.1 Woohoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ch0b1ts View Post
    I'm really not sure why the Japanese buy iPhones when you can get something like the 933SH which has 10MPixel Camera, HDTV, DVR Capability, GPS/Nav, 16GB internal, MicroSD Card Slot for even more storage, some awesome game downloads, and many other features all for a lower price.
    It's the "cool" factor. Modern times call for clean, minimalist designs. Up until now, mobile phones haven't really been as buttonless as the iPhone. Apple got one part of the equation right by guessing that consumers would want a clean, feels-good-in-hand phone without the clutter of buttons.

    So they went for big screen real estate, clean design, and a UI that is colorful as well as artistic. notice how the menus in the iPhone all have rather large, long buttons, as does the home screens.

    the 933SH, when compared to the iPhone, is long and an ungainly sight and frankly, i would expect it to turn people off whereas the iPhone is fluid and sexzy. Most people, when shopping for phones, would want something that looked nice and would not embarrass them in public. just look at the picture in ( Those buttons. they just kill me. NO CLEARLY DEFINED BORDERS ON THEM!!

    having an overload of hardware features is a minus, too. regular users aren't gonna have a use for a high def camera. Hardcore photographers would much rather use a bona-fide SLR than a mobile phone with a lot less features, regular users aren't gonna have a use for HDTV on a phone, they would just have HDTV at home where you can sit down and enjoy in ultimate comfort instead of on a subway line underground in Japan where you don't get decent signal half the time anyways. HD DVR capability? with only 16gigs? a joke, no? And how in the world are you gonna play an awesome 3D game with a number pad that is facing the wrong way in relation to the screen? aren't games supposed to be widescreen? even with the screen flipped and turned the right way, it would be too bulky to really feel game-play worthy, and the processor is on the slow side, too. Plus, the interface just doesn't have that fresh minimalist appeal that Sharp tried so hard to achieve with the device body. The touchscreen is very much like the iPhone's... except it is way more insensitive. most of the time it can't differentiate between a swipe and a click. The web browser seems to be mobile only, versus the iPhone's complete browsing experience which only lacks java/flash add-ons.

    you can see the roots of my testimony at this link. ([ame=]YouTube - SoftBank 933SH ????[/ame])

    I'll give it one thing, though. Very nice HD web video playback. I've had a chance to try it. not as good of a user experience as the iPhone, though.

    i gotz this whole coding thing down

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    Man. Another bootleg chinese iphone wannabe. Man, such a disgrace of my chinese race. Sigh. Please clone something better than that..

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    xsellizedotcom has the exact same post word for word...who is stealing from who here lol
    Last edited by ifonemaniac; 2009-09-12 at 03:37 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by €hR!$ View Post
    Normally that iPhone would look ugly. Guess it's just that it's different which is what intrigues me.

    I just want one more button added to the phone. Please Apple. Just put one button under the volume controls that can be used as a camera shutter and for developers to use in apps however they want. It would make quick send on a jailbroken phone so much more awesome!
    I highly doubt Apple would do this, although they do add functionality to future deviced, they wouldn't go as far as to add a completely new button to it.

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    Guys that pic is from the old iphone clone based on the original iphone back in 2007 its morphed since then into an newer model called the i9. They have FM radio and had shake to shuffle before we got it in the 3.0 firmware back last year! Touch is insensitive on all these phone but there was an iphone clone with Windows 6 os and was very cool but pricey even with mini sd slot maybe called the i88?

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    I had a guy try to sell me an iPhone - or something that looked like one - on the street in Shanghai today. I had an urge to buy it from him, just as a spare to hack and/or raid for parts.

    I did not, however, give into the urge...

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    my cousin has an iPhone clone on Tmobile in puerto rico
    totally blows

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