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Thread: iPhones Taking "Control"

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    I mean I have a whole folder of remote apps but to tell the truth I don't use them a whole lot. I do like the one that acts like a front row remote, its handy cause I lose the real one all the time.
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    this is awesome...perfect for us lazy people haha

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    This is an interesting concept but I doubt people would use it to replace they're remote control completely.
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    Really guys, the iphone really spoils us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Gators View Post
    The Logitech Harmony One remote control is the best remote I have ever owned. It is touch screen, controls all of my devices and is very very simple to set up.

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    Well they sorta are going that direction.. already set for remotely setting shows to record which works perfectly. Won't be long.

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    I tossed around the idea for a PS3 remote/keyboard that utilizes bluetooth at the iBluetooth Project fourm, but I don't think it came to anything yet. Sure would be nice though ;-) Anyone heard of something like that out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
    While nice in theory it is much different in execution. For instance I just used my Navigon app for a trip with my iPhone 3G. While it is a nice program, the all in one device hindered it's performance because of calls coming in and when we were in areas that we wanted to check Safari you have to close out of the program entirely and stop off some where to do so if you are in a city. While I drove and my girlfriend handled the iPhone responsibilities it became more of a headache than it was worth. Not to mention we had to keep it plugged into the car charger because apps that stay on continuously drain the battery.

    I can see using it as a remote but when you are channel surfing and a call comes in you have to stop what you are doing and answer if it is important.

    Having the iPhone has made me realize having stand alone devices is actually more efficient at times than putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    Remote controls won't be dying off anytime soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fallguy View Post
    I agree. I just cant see myself using this to replace the remote . I try not to let the iphone replace other gadgets , but instead to use it as a convenience at a time where the other gadget is not around . I still like my Garmin for travel and my netbook for browsing .
    I dont like having to use the power or home buttons as much because that would be the first thing to go on the iphone .
    i agree as well
    i actually use my apple remote for my iMac and Macbook more than i use Remote or RemoteBuddy on my iphone.
    just seems natural

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