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Thread: Should Apple Get Back into the Rejection Business?

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    i think there should be a premium store where developers submit there apps and have apple see if there actually. The developer might need to pay a fee but would get free advertising and better search ads. Apple coud select only a few (like 5) apps that do the same thing and only games that are fun. Also if the app has tons of downloads people could nominate it for the premium appstore. I think this would expand on the what s hot section.

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    Lightbulb Well I mean its clear why this is happening....
    Apple has always been a somewhat corrupt company even in there T.V. adds, I mean the company uses an old cripple guy with glasses as a pc and a young hip guy for an example of mac. I mean everyone knows that's not true and its all just personal preference however, Its not right and inappropriate business and that's only one example of how corrupt there company actually is. I don't mind it though I use photo shop on my mac because it is all personal preference right. As soon as they start getting investigated by the FCC there behaving themselves behind there corporate doors and then some. Since the FCC apparently asking them questions they changed there attitude a bit in my opinion. What do you think? Do you think that's the reason why?? Do you think apple treading on thin ice?

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    Since apple has created a situation where the appstpre is the only "official" way to get apps on your iphone they have a responsibility to open it up to developers, if that means 150+ chess games then that's that.
    The difference between the appstore and a "real store" is that if you don't like things at one "real store" you can go to another one, and another one, and another one. Apple has made it so the appstore is all we have, if they want to curate what apps they think are the best then they should make a section of the store dedicated to just that, but keep the rest of the store open to the 150+ chess apps and everything else out there.

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    you forget cydia aj

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    Quote Originally Posted by auburnguy32 View Post
    meh, I like choices. That's why you can browse your search by most popular or highest rated. People are just lazy if they want everything precut and sorted for them. I got a video for people who complain about stuff like this....

    YouTube - Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy
    haha hilarious
    and i like choices as much as the next guy but really?
    100+ choices for one app?
    thats a bit too much crap to go through to find a decent working application

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