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Thread: Life's a Pitch for New iPhone App "I Am T-Pain"

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    Default yay i get to do this now
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    LOL never mind.I had my stereo bluetooth headphones on. It seems it doesn't work with those for some reason. I plugged in my wired ones and it worked like a charm.

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    i don't undertand how this works at all i've been trying to mess with it but it just doesn't seem like it's doing much hah i want that same sound as that auto tune news the person posted i don't get it

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    i think i might get this
    Currently addicted to Modern Warfare 2! add me on PSN: A_Mexican_guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Although I'm not a big fan of AT, I've always found these amazing and funny. I didn't know the app was real! Looks like it will be fun to play with.
    YouTube - Auto-Tune the News #8: dragons. geese. Michael Vick. (ft. T-Pain)
    OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest video I have ever seen!! Thanks for that 1!!!!!!!

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    thats so freakin sweeeet im going to download that tonight

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    Doesn't seem to work...I must be doing it wrong.

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    i dont know but the guys that do have it does it work good like in the video or is it mediocre out of 5 stars wat do u think it should get.
    cant wait till they make i am lil wayne

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    not just rap artists use auto tune, it is used by all famous artists on the radio. everyone uses auto tune. auto tune can also be used in real time, so even in a live show it can be used to disguise someone with a terrible voice.

    i had the privilege to hear tpain actually sing without auto tune at the BET hip hop awards last year cause i'm in that type of production and i can tell you the man doesn't need autotune to improve his voice. he's a talented singer without it.
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    ive heard some of his songs without it to and he sounds great to the same but some singers are awful without it. just goes to show u anyone can sing.

    i had the privilege to hear tpain actually sing without auto tune at the BET hip hop awards last year cause i'm in that type of production and i can tell you the man doesn't need autotune to improve his voice. he's a talented singer without it.[/QUOTE]

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    Slap slap slap chop looool. Jay Z reminds me of those old men who dnt like change!!!! Maybe he should get out his pipe and walking stick and sit his old a55 down as the youth clearly like this sound. I'm fully aware of autotune, orange vocoder etc. It's all about making music people like forget what's in it.

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    Default Sing
    Only like people that can sing? Hmmm.. Have you listened to Mariah Carey's latest single? So are you saying she cant sing? Dude, its a gimmick thats popular right now. Its been around since what, the seventies? it was hardware back then. Frampton, Roger and Zapp, Whodini, even Cher. I mean,,geez lighten up. I think most of these artists can sing, and I know Mariah can!!

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    Mariah Carey fails at life and music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
    Mariah Carey fails at life and music
    She also failed at dissing Eminem.

    Em pwned her big time in "The Warning"

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    haha auto-tune the news is hilarious
    and this app is a blast..
    especially toasted

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    Anyone having trouble hooking it up to speakers?

    I hooked it up to mine using the standard 3.5 mm cable, (i think that's right, just a regular male-male headphone cord) and nothing comes out of the speakers?

    If I put a beat to it that comes out fine, and it works with my headphones that came with the iphone. Any Ideas?

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