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Thread: Stick It! [Giveaway Inside]

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    Default Stick It! [Giveaway Inside]

    No, it isn't an app dedicated to rebellious gymnasts or role playing. Stick It (app store link on sale for $0.99) is simply a nifty way to write sticky notes on your iPhone brought to us by our friends at Tap Factory Apps. Apple had a great idea with their Notes app, and since the original iPhone my life has become free from little scraps of paper floating every which way and consistently getting lost. The problem: Notes is dull and boring.

    Stick It is a more interesting way to do the same thing with a lot more pizazz. After opening the app on the iPhone you're presented with a simple background with some options up top. Click the + button to create a new virtual sticky notes personalizable via a vast array of options from different colors to comic bubbles to road signs. Double tap to select the note shape you'd like, tap the edit button, and start writing away. Also up there is an option for backgrounds with a variety of designs to choose from.

    Next there is the Preview option which shows what a screen capture of your sticky notes page would look like on your lock screen.

    After clicking on the preview button I was confused; what i saw in preview didn't match my lock screen Duh! Apple doesn't allow those sort of things on the App Store. I moved on to the Export button and found options to take a screen shot, send via email, and save to camera role. At this point the Preview button's weird behavior became clear; saving to camera role allows one to apply the image as wallpaper on the iPhone where it will show up on the lock screen.

    All in all this app is a nifty utility to store short notes in a fun way. It received a major update just last week which turned it into something much more useful than before due to tons of updates including notes and background save when app is exited, larger sticky notes added, UI improvements, bug fixes, new backgrounds, shake to clear.

    Future updates planned include push notifications with calendars, more notes, more backgrounds, new note selector (grid view), multi-touch scale & rotate gestures on notes, add photo's as a note, and a wider board layout for multiple pages of notes (which will turn this into a daily-use app for me).

    To celebrate their recent major update Tap Factory Apps has given us 8 promo codes to hand out to ya'll! To enter just reply to this post and include the words:

    Stick It!

    winners will be selected August 30th

    whoops - was a bit late on selecting winners. here they are:

    • DA187SUSPECT
    • sirluis94
    • dracwy
    • RandomAlec
    • ensigma
    • Melech518
    • theycallmechili
    • Siawash

    Please PM cash7c3 for your Promo Code!

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    Ah crap, I thought this was an app dedicated to rebellious gymnasts or role playing

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    Stick it!!

    I wannttt

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    Hahaha, niiice. Where should I 'Stick It'? lol
    Respect your elders.

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    Lmao, cpjr> Stick It! buddy
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    Stick It!

    C'mon baby

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    Stick it! I'll try the app

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    Stick it! to the man! apple apps are crap. im always looking for better replacements.

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    Stick it!
    Looks very cool!

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    Stick It!

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    Stick It!

    look cool !! hehe i want this

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    Stick It!
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    can't we all Stick It! together?
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    Stick It!

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    Stick It!

    Reminds me of the song... "You gotta lick it...before you stick it..." xD

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    what do i stick it to?

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    Stick It!

    Seems like a great idea!

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    pretty badass!!! Its convienent bc you dont have to unlock the iphone to view any sticky notes......helpful for last min groceries and such....
    Stick It!
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    This app rocks! If you don't win you really should consider buying it

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