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Thread: TomTom Turn by Turn GPS - $100 in AppStore Now

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    xGPS is horrible compared to solutions such as Navigon and now the Tom Tom app. I mean great its free but really i feel money well spent in the tom tom app for now. The maps are fine in all the areas that matter to me and the 3d view is really good.

    My favorite feature in Navigon is the lane assist. That has helped me out tremendously. Im going to go out and test it in the tom tom app. Hopefully its just as good.

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    Everyone keeps saying how expensive it is, but honestly, it's pretty cheap compared to separate GPS options. My mom bought a Garmin nüvi touted as "affordable GPS navigation," and it was $300.

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    But it's twice the price of CoPilot and half as good
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    very nice
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    I like it but the price bit high..but hey it's up to them to price.. Everyone this days trys to have everything in one gadget..

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    Considering I paid full price for my 32gb white 3GS, if I need this app..... I could see myself spending for it.

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    well that seems like $90.00 to high, it looks nice in the screeny's but there still crazy. i'll just have to stick with google maps and xgps until they come around, so that will be never unless the awesome give aways here on modmyi happen to get some copies to hand out?
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    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amraam View Post
    Here's the kicker: us UK lot will still very likely have to pay $100 for the UK map, even though out "island" is a fraction of the size of the US.

    I'm very curious as to how this works with the built in GPS chip on the 3G
    Yup, I thought so. No offence to USA, but how can they justify charging the same for the UK maps as they do for the USA maps??!

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    quick comparison for you guys....













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    Quote Originally Posted by daytonaviolet View Post
    installuos ftw
    Why even bring up the subject of cracked apps here?

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    I was really thinking it would be $20... And that would be pushing it for software, when you can buy dedicated hardware WITH the software for $40-60...

    $100 is just plain insane for this application. Its turn by turn and stores the maps... Otherwise, the stock app works quite well most of the time.

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    thank God, we got our phones jailbroken .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napoleon_PhoneApart View Post
    Why even bring up the subject of cracked apps here?

    this is what happends when the prices are too high

    Now go buy this app, c'mon it's only $100 and totally worth it
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    xGPS is very good consideration it's free, but (forgive me for saying it) it's for a very niche market. In Apple's and TomTom's eyes it doesn't exist as a competitor.

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    My friend just got this tried it out and it works awesome!!!

    Navigon interface looks more pretty, but TomTom seems more accurate and reliable!

    Took a wrong turn and TomTom rerouted quickly more fast then Navigon. Plus not once did I get the insufficient GPS like I do with navigon.

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    holy crap $99.... theyre going for $99 with the receiver unit all over ebay....

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    Seriously 100.00 what a joke


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    Ok, I have been testing out TomTom for a few hours now and I have to say that Navigon does have a sexier interface but TomTom seems a little quicker to reroute and the POIs is easier to access.

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    tomtom... is the best sat naz in my perscetive... i mean i live in london, UK and with navigon i like it but when entering post codes you cant put the full post code in so you dont have a better lacation... with tomtom you can put the whole post code in and there you go you got a exact pinpoint of where your going... tomtom in the uk is £59 which is quite a decent price.. i mean fair enough you have a actual sat nav but rather then having 2 devices with you.. you have it on your phone 1 device sorted... tom tom here i come!

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